Pink Mercy waiting room

Hello my fellow friends. Here’s a place for people who missed out on the Pink Mercy and are waiting for it to come back. I’ve been waiting for her since 2018 because I took a short break from the game at that time and were unlucky to miss out on this perfect Mercy skin. I pray to Jeff Kaplan every time I see the Pink Mercy skin in the game. We need the pink queen to come back Blizzard.

Thankful if everyone bumps up this thread so Blizzard sees it.


Idk why everyone obsessed over that skin. I get that it was a particularly good one as far as OW1 skins go, but the quality of OW2 skins really surpasses it.

I’ve barely equipped it since her stock OW2 skin just has substantially higher quality textures on it. And now with owl guardian mercy? Never gonna equip pink mercy again. It looks too blurry and less cleanly stylised.

The pink blaster shots are cool though, not gonna lie. But the blaster itself looks nasty and plasticy compared to any OW2 skin’s blaster.


It is not coming back. stop making these treads

In what way? They still looks like regular skins that she could have gotten in OW1.


I mean the more people make these threads the more likely it is to come back. Since you complain so much about OW2, you figure you’d understand the reasoning behind it.


Blizzard had the opportunity to create a Pink 2.0 skin for this Valentine’s Day, but they blew the opportunity, that could have silenced the “return pink mercy” thing.


They can’t just add it without another collaboration and even if there is another one it is more likely to be a completely new skin because that means more people who doesn’t have it can participate.

The fidelity of the textures and detail. Look at her eyebrows, or the detail on any part of her suit. It’s the same for all OW2 skins for all heroes. Particularly noticeable on widowmaker too. Looks like her outfit is actually made of different fabrics instead of blurry plastic.


I agree but bringing it back yearly I think would have been the best option in my opinion because they already have a skin. But a new version of it would be awesome too. Blizzard have pretty much bringed back every single limited time skin that were obtainable through purchase inside the game multiple times now so it would be nice if Pink Mercy also returned sometime.


Meh. they added some normal maps to the textures but it is not really a game changer especially considering one have to be super close to even see it.

If I understand it right from reading some posts before. Blizzard are the ones that decides if they want to bring back the Pink Mercy skin to the game and BRCF are still willing to collab with them again. BRCF has said to spread love about the skin online so that Blizzard sees it.

I personally think the Pink Mercy skin are still the best Mercy skin in the game in terms of both visually and sound. I’m always happy when I see people using it.


Was that before or after the workspace harassments?

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I’m pretty sure it was after it. Lego for my understanding don’t want any colaboration anymore with Blizzard though which is why the Lego Bastion hasn’t come back.


Then it may have a chance but who knows.


Ill try to bring yall food every couple years


Hopefully lol. I’ve been feeling like the Mike Wazowski face swap meme since every single limited time skins but Pink Mercy came back right before OW2 launch and also after.

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I’m here for the support. It’s my favorite skin too.


Eh? I am not even a fan of Pink Mercy, but the quality of skins is more or less the same as it always has been. But Pink has some unusual effects that are not necessarily becoming more common place.

But to bee real with you, her new skin is better.

Thanks man, I appreciate it :heart:


At this point I am starting to enjoy seeing your salty faces waiting for the skin to come back and I don’t know why.


I think the design of the Pink Mercy skin surpasses the other skins in the game even though they look great too.