Pink mercy return overwatch 2 PLEASE

Let’s just I have a lot of reasons why this skin should come back but imma just list a few 1.we just got 25 million players playing overwatch 2 bringing this skin back would make sm money for breast cancer2.some people had a switch back’s a very good skin that a lot of people missed out on and bringing back it back would make a lot of people happy


No. Just make an other pink skin. Accept that there are things that are unique.


It will always be there for when they need a trump card and, well, that time may be fast approaching.


Just saying it would be nice return for breast cancer donations and the community


The skin is not that good idk why ppl obsess over it like the hair is weird


I doubt they will release it while their reputation is in tatters. It will likely backfire on them in terms of Public Relation.

More useful to boost positivity when they get their rep up first.

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It’s mainly the custom sound effects and the staff

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Can you stop. Devs already said they have no plans bringing that skin back.
Somehow I feel this post comes from very well known pink mercy bagger.


It would be even better if it’s an other skin, because in my case, I already have it and therefore couldn’t buy it again. A lot of money missing. Make another, new, charity skin and I am in.


Bringing back pink mercy and making like pink torb would be nice


I have long been in favor of additional charity skins, but Blizzard would have to divert dev resources from the incomplete and unstable game being called OW2 in order to make a new skin. I dont think they’d be willing to do that right now

Meanwhile, Pink Mercy is ready to go, and if they were to find the resources to make a new skin, they could sell BOTH instead of just the new skin for a much bigger bag of cash for charity than they would get if they only sold the new skin

about 900 thousand of these were sold, so I think thats a clear indication that plenty of folks like the skin just fine

I have seen no obsession whatsoever in any Pink Mercy thread

People want and ergo ask for an unavailable item to return. This is normal, everyday consumer behavior, same as if your local grocer takes your favorite food item off the shelves

also - words like “obsessed” are attacking words, given their negative connotation; and as such they shouldnt be used in any serious conversation

no need

this is a legitimate OW-related topic on a forum set up explicitly for the discussion of OW-related topics

and also - plans can and do change

a lot of people who bought the skin for an accoutn back then have created new accounts since then, and have been asking to buy it a second/third/etc time

Plenty of players have been added since that time and they never had a chance to buy it back then

so there are plenty of potential buyers out there


This new account registered days ago, and only posts about Pink Mercy are very telling. The other topic is dying; Megadodo keeps it on life support by repeatedly responding to old posts to keep it alive. “Pink Mercy will return” has no basis in reality.


Selling charity skin without charity attached to it would seriously devalue the whole goodwill gesture which the original skin was.

Would be great if they find a new charity organization to have a partnership with, but selling charity skin and keeping all the money would be quite low.

How much blizzard actually cares about their reputation is of course quite questionable.

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oh, just so you all know - you will note that I dont reply to certain forum members. This is because they have established themselves in my eyes as attackers - their intent is to attack others, rather than discuss the topic at hand.

So if you find yourself wondering - why isnt he responding to forum member x?

Thats why.

I dont understand this remark - because if it isnt attached to a charity, it isnt a charity skin

I am not defending Blizzard here, but – to the very best of my knowledge, Blizzard has never done that

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It was made precisely for charity reasons was it not?

it was…thats basically the point I am making

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And as i understand the situation they are not at the moment affiliated or having any sort of partnership with charity organisation?

I understand that your point is that they should just sell the skin and “privately” donate for charity which ever amount they want. That would be quite noble yeah and perfectly fine with idea, but not how generally it works with big companies and partnerships.

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Given that players who made the purchase can still use the Pink Mercy skin with the logo on the back, it is fair and correct to say that there IS still an affiliation or partnership between Blizzard and BCRF at the moment

whether there is more to it than that, I have no idea; and I doubt anyone outside higher level executives at Blizzard and BCRF would know either

actually, that wasnt my point at all

further, 100% of the proceeds from the original Pink Mercy sale went to BCRF.

every single dollar

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Well, no? It means that there was a charity event which they both were involved with, that does not mean that it is still automatically ongoing. They are not going to take away something which you donated for just because the event itself ended, that would be absurd.

Think about backlash of collecting away all the balloon or postcards or whatever people
bought in a charity event like a month after the event is over, would you ever accept such format in any platform?

And yes, i’m fully aware that they donated every dollar, not claiming that they didnt. I’m trying to say that even tho private people tend to donate without expecting publicity or anything else in return that is not how companies in general work.
They might or will donate every cent to charity, but they also like to have publicity for it, hence need the partnership from the charity so ensure that both parties will end up happy.

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The real reason is you have no compelling points or counterarguments to make regarding facts around Pink Mercy and the initial campaign. You don’t engage with opponents of your viewpoint that are making points you’re not capable of addressing. You want an echo chamber where everyone agrees and congratulations each other. Here’s the flow of every interaction:

Megadodo: Pink Mercy will return.

User: No she may return not will. You’re misleading people by saying that.

Megadodo: You’re attacking me! Pink Mercy WILL return for a big bag of cash!!