Missing items (skins, sprays, emotes...)

Hello there!

After the last update some of my items seem to be missing (eg. Sombra summer skin, Mercy sprays and much more) , even though I’ve had some of them unlocked for years?
I don’t know what to do, now that half my stuff is gone without any explanation. I do not have filters activated, nor was I playing on the PTR.


Same here. Funnily pretty much all the items which are locked again are Summer Games items.


Same here. I logged in after the update and received a “thank you for playing competitive” banner, though I know for a fact that I did not do any placements. A bunch of items I already had were showing as new and several skins I know I had are now showing as locked. Mostly Summer Games items (Hanzo and Torb skins as an example.)

same, it’s really distressing especially considering there’s one time event stuff missing that i definitely had

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I’m having the same problem. When I launched the game it said I had earned multiple new sprays, skins, emotes and player icons despite me already owning them. I am now also missing multiple sprays, skins, emotes and player icons that I know I definitely owned before the patch. My crosshair opacity was also set to 0 for some reason despite it being 100 before the patch.

Hey everyone, can we get some more specific information that can help the Blizzard QA and Overwatch Dev teams.

Please specify:

  • What platform you are all playing on (PC, PS4/5, Xbox 1/X/S, Switch)
  • If you made any real cash transactions during the last Summer Games seasonal event (since this seems to be focused around that seasonal event)
  • Have you inspected your inventory without using hero gallery filters? I know there is current problems with checking or certain promotional OWL items with filters turned on.
  • For any items that are missing, try to remember the year you obtained those items

Hey there,

I’m on pc and the last items I bought were league tokens on 14th July. I did not activate any filters when looking at my hero inventory.
I also need to add, that every hero (except for Echo and Sigma) was shown as having something new upon logging in.
I do not know the years I got the items in, what I do know is that I used to have a full Mercy collection, for example, which is now incomplete. I do have a screenshot of my gallery which is tagged as “NEW”, showing that my gallery seems to have been updated since the update.

I also don’t know if any more of my emotes etc are missing. But when I open lootboxes now I get new items instead of duplicates. (I always got duplicates before) Since I don’t know when I got the stuff or which ones are missing, I made a small list of stuff I immediatly noticed to be gone:
Ashe sitting emote (got it in a lootbox again yesterday)
Ana Cabana (Legendary)
Doomfist Plains (Rare)
Doomfist Dance (Epic)
Genji Meditate (Epic)
Hanzo Cloud (Epic)
Hanzo Backflip (Epic)
Hanzo Target Practice (Epic) (not sure)
Junkrat Rip-Tire (Epic)
Junkrat Puppet (Epic)
Junkrat Vaudeville (Epic)
Lucio Juggle (Epic)
McCree Joker (Epic)
Mei Pumpkin (Epic)
Multiple Mercy sprays ruining my 100%
Moira Medal (Rare)
Orisa Camouflage (Epic)
Orisa Null Sector (Legendary)
Pharah Anubis (Epic)
Reaper Desert (Epic)
Reaper Pumpkin (Legendary) :frowning:
Reinhardt Charge (Epic)
Sigma Talon (Epic)
And many more… I’m missing so much stuff, I’ll actually quit if lose all of it.
Can I ask what could have caused the problem of losing hard-earned progress for so many players?
Thanks for your help


Playing on PC. The only thing I bought in a long time was gifting someone OWL tokens. I never bought Summer Games boxes.

The filter settings don’t seem make any differences. It looks like all the items are gone for sure.

I can not remember when I got specific items. I did not get them last Summer Games though, since I already had every item by then.

Missing Items

Items in italic are not Summer Games items. Those are just the items I noticed, there might be more which are missing.

Hero Skins Emotes Victory Poses Voice Lines Sprays Highlight Intros
Ana Cabana - Medal Better than retirement,
Do less
- -
Ashe - - Medal - - -
Baptiste - - - It’s your lucky day,
No point rushing in
- -
Bastion - Boxing - - - -
Brigitte - - - - Hammer throw -
D.Va - - - - - -
Doomfist - - - - - -
Echo - - - - - -
Genji - - - Hoping for a challenge Fencing -
Hanzo - - - Defeat is the first step - -
Junkrat - - - I give it a 10 Tennis -
Lúcio - - - - Football -
Cowboy - - - I don’t much like losing - -
Mei Zhongguo - Medal I tried my best - -
Mercy Hangzhou Spark,
Hangzhou Spark Away,
Paris Eternal,
Paris Eternal Away,
Philadelphia Fusion,
Philadelphia Fusion Away,
Toronto Defiant,
Toronto Defiant Away
- - - - -
Moira Éireannach - - - - -
Orisa - - - Golden - -
Pharah - - - Clear skies, full hearts,
On autopilot,
We are in this together
- -
Reaper American Shrug - - - -
Roadhog - Headbanging - - - -
Sigma - - - - - -
Soldier: 76 Grillmaster: 76 - - - Golf -
Sombra - - - Try and keep up - -
Symmetra - - - Reality is my playground,
Victory is everything
Rythmic -
Torbjörn - - - - - -
Tracer - - - Bit dodgy Track Just in time
Widowmaker Côte d’Azur - - Dame chance,
I don’t miss
Gymnastics -
Winston - - - - - -
Wrecking Ball Lúcioball - - Be the ball,
Keep your eye on the ball,
More power!
Bowling -
Zarya Midnight,
Burpees - Russian judge - -
Zenyatta Djinyatta - - Form is temporary,
Strive for improvement
- -

I hope that helps. While most of the missing items are Summer Games items, not all of them are.

I also lost my skins about a week ago maybe more. Noticed that I don’t have graffiti on Zen (it was chosen) and Bastion Pirate Ship he was also chosen. But now they are gone and maybe I lost something else and did not notice. Filters do not stand and money is not returned. I write in support, they say to write on the forum for a week, no one returns anything and the forum is ignored. Graffiti on Zen from the summer games and Skin on Bastion for league tokens but I didn’t get my money back for those tokens.


Today I log in and Im missing a lot of skins, sprays, etc.

*** What platform you are all playing on (PC, PS4/5, Xbox 1/X/S, Switch):** I play on PC.
*** If you made any real cash transactions during the last Summer Games seasonal event (since this seems to be focused around that seasonal event):** the last thing I purchased was 200 league tokens on 07/08/2021 for Overwatch. I also bought diablo prime evil upgrade but that is another game not sure if related with this issue.
*** Have you inspected your inventory without using hero gallery filters? I know there is current problems with checking or certain promotional OWL items with filters turned on.** : no filters selected.
*** For any items that are missing, try to remember the year you obtained those items:** they are too many is hard to remember the year of all of them but I had almost all the available skins.

I’m on PC.

The only real cash transaction I made recently was Overwatch League tokens to buy the Mercy skin when they got re-released for purchase.

I have no filters on at all.

I cannot remember the exact year I would have obtained the items, but the majority of things that are missing for me are not event items, and I have been playing since release, so I would have unlocked the majority of these items within the first couple of years.

The only specific thing I could think of is that I am missing some of Baptiste’s non-event skins (Buccaneer, Pirate and Camouflage), as well as some of Ashe’s non event emotes and highlight intros (Dynamite, Flourish, Slow Clap and Take a Knee being the emotes and Ashe and Bob and Bullet Walk being the highlight intros) which I definitely would have unlocked not long after these heroes were released.

I am missing some Summer Games items I definitely would have had previous to the patch.

Ana Medal victory pose
All 3 of Baptistes voice lines
Baptiste Discus highlight intro
Reality is my playground Symmetra voice line
Dame chance Widowmaker voice line
Hammond Lucioball legendary skin
Zarya Burpees emote
Strongest woman Zarya voice line
What weighs upon your mind Zen voice line

Thank you for your help.

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Coming from this thread (This patch sure broke a lot of stuff): Unexpected Server Error affecting specific accounts

I just now got to check my account from the former bug and I’m suffering from the same issue as most in this thread.

  • Platform is PC.

  • I did not make any purchases during the summer games event, I did purchase OWL tokens after the event though. But this seems to be affecting 2019 items for me, so I’ll answer for that and it’s also a no. I have spent over 100 dollars in loot boxes before regrettably but its unrelated to this issue

  • Using filters didn’t get me any better results, the items are locked and the American Reaper actually can’t be seen at all, I’m assuming this is intended because these items can no longer be unlocked at all.

  • Missing items consist of items I unlocked in 2019: Baptiste Camouflage is the only regular non-event item, Orisa Dressage emote which was actually equipped and removed from my emote wheel, American Reaper from the week 1 challenge which is critically missing and cannot even be rebought at a later event (weirdly enough I do have the 6 win player icon from the same challenge). Every single summer event voice line from 2019 besides Ana and Pharah have gone missing, All the medal victory poses from 2019 are missing. I am also missing the Lucioball player icon with Wrecking Ball on it. Also the Pole Vault spray for Baptiste.

As a player who prides themselves on getting all the cosmetics in this game, this is a really disappointing bug that needs to be fixed, especially the limited cosmetics people can no longer even buy with credits.

Same problem with missing items. I had about 95% of everything unlocked. I can’t say what specific skins, emotes, etc. are gone because I don’t remember all the names, and only remember some of the names of items that I had equipped.

What platform you are all playing on: PC
If you made any real cash transactions during the last Summer Games seasonal event: Not that I remember.
Have you inspected your inventory without using hero gallery filters? Before matches I can't choose the skins that were previously unlocked so it's not human error.
For any items that are missing, try to remember the year you obtained those items? I've been playing since launch and have collected items over several years. Some event items were collected out of events because of special lock boxes.
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I’m on PC.
I made no cash transactions whatsoever.
I’ve checked my gallery over and over, but I’m certainly missing lots of items.
I’ve been playing for years, I won’t be able to tell you what year I got the items.
I’m missing -
Ana - Cabana, “you seem stressed” and a summer spray
Dva - Junebug
Echo - Kkachi
Hanzo - Wave, Drago skins and the RIP victory
junkrat - Beachrat and a spray
Lucio - Striker and “suboptimal”
Mcree - “ON the range” RIP victory and a spray
Mercy - Winged victory skin, “piece of cake” and “guardian angel” voice lines
Moira - Performance enhanced voiceline
Orisa - “thank you for understanding” voice line
Pharah - Carbon fibre skin, RIP victory
Reinhardt - RIP victory
Roadhog - RIP victory, No I in team, What’s mine is mine voice lines
Soldier - Bring the noise line, RIP victory
Sombra - tulum skin
Symetra - Reality is playground voice line
Tracer - bit dodgy line, RIP victory (I had this for every character, nearly everyone is missing it), hurdle highlight intro, and a few sprays
widow - Electric and cote d’azur skins, shot dead emote, dame chance and I don’t miss voice lines, some sprays
winston - Twist emote, RIP victory, playtime over line
Wrecking ball - mayhem skin, Eye on ball, more power voice lines,
Zarya - It’s only a game, strongest woman and russian judge voice lines, Polyanitsa skin,
Zen - RIP victory

I’ve probably missed some, but there was a lot there. Mostly from summer games, halloween and anniversary.

I don’t know if this helps, but I did get a lot of the RIP victory stuff and filled in a lot of gaps last anniversary special. On the other hand, I’ve been spamming “piece of cake” for years and that is missing too. I would appreciate all the stuff back though.


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I’m missing American Reaper from the first weekly challenge of summer games 2019.

I play on PC.
I did not do any microtransactions during that years summer games event.
I went through my gallery without any filters turned on.
I still have the spray and player icon that we unlocked for 3 and 6 wins.

I don’t seem to be missing anything else besides this skin

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I rarely buy loot boxes, but I did buy some during the summer event 2021. But I did not refund any of the loot boxes (Which seems to be asked aswell)
I’m playing on PC. I’ve definitely only noticed the missing items today since the patch update.


Emotes: Protector & Dance

Victory Pose: Mission Complete

Voice Lines: Are you scared? Don’t be scared


Highlight Intro: Discus


Skins: Tombstone, Giftwrap, Antique

Voice Lines: oooooooo

Highlight Intro: On Guard and Ganymede


Skins: Tre Kronor, Sol, Engineer and Feskarn


Skins: Junker and Junebug

Highlight Intro: Lying around


Skin: Blackhand

Highlight intro: Uppercut


Emotes: Analysis, Weightless

Highlight intro: Awakening, Evasion, Maneuvers


Skins: Young Genji, Kendoka

Emotes: Challenge, Dance

Voice Lines: Yeah!

Highlight Intro: Pumpkin Carving


Voice Line: Never second best

Highlight Intro: My aim is true


Skins: Caution, Cricket, Dr. Junkenstien

Emotes: Running Rat

Voice Lines: Smile, Dipstick, Happy Halloween, I’m alive


Skins: Selecao

Emotes: In the groove, Knee Slapper

Voice lines: Hit me, I’m on the top of the world, tinnitus

Highlight intros: In the groove


Skins: American

Voice lines: I’m the quick

Highlight Intro: The duel


Skins: Mei-rry

Highlight intro: Skating around


Skins: Devil and Witch

Emotes: The best medicine


Skin: Eireannach, Banshee


Skins: Sanye, Carbon Fiber


Skins: Possessed, Enchanted armour, Qinglong, and Aviator


Skins: Shiver, lu Bu

Emotes: Dance, Slow clap, Take a knee

Highlight intro: Executioner


Skins: Bloodhardt

Emotes: Zombie Walk

Voice Line: Bring me another, German Engineering, Honor! Justice! Reinhardt


Emotes: Secret friend, Can crusher

Highlight intro: Footsteps


Emotes: Relaxation


Skins: Immortal

Emotes: Take a Knee

Highlight intro: Looking at you


Skins: Los Muertos, Talon

Voice Lines: Boop, just squishing a bug


Skins: Vampire and Dragon

Highlight intro: My reality


Skins: Zhang Fei


Skins: Track and Field (I’m from the Uk so was happy I had this)

Highlight intro: Serious Business


Skins: Nova

Highlight intro: Under the mistletoe


Voice lines: I do not want a banana, No monkey business and Peanut Butter? I had all these equipped

Highlight intro: Glasses

Wrecking ball:

Skins: Horizon


Skins: Ascendant and Skullyatta

Highlight intros: Focused and Perspective

This is a lot missing! A lot of them I got this year during the events. I got Junkenstien skin for junk when it first came out. I’ve had my account since 2017. So I’m VERY VERY annoyed this has happened. I don’t have enough coins to buy them all again and most of them are event skins that have already gone. So will have to wait a year for them to happen again. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP.

I’m also super mad. It seems like such a small thing, but the “piece of cake” voiceline was a huge part of my play. And now I can’t get it for a year, or until they fix this bug…

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I am playing on PC and I have this same problem. I have no problems using filters in the hero gallery(Everything seems normal?) I haven’t made cash transactions during the last Summer Games event.
I also had some new stuff added to heroes, can’t remember to which ones tho.

I noticed that these were gone, not sure did I receive something new, but;
Ana - Beach Ball emote - Do Less, voice line - Medal victory pose
Ashe - Posh skin - Shooting spray
Baptiste - Camouflage skin (Not sure about this one) - It’s your lucky day, and Still looks bad, voice lines
D.Va - Waveracer skin - Eject Highlight intro
Hanzo - Target Practice Highlight intro
Orisa - Thank you for understanding Voice line
Reinhardt - Flex Emote
Sombra - Azúcar and Tulum Skins
Symmetra - Reality is my playground Voice line
Torbjörn - Tre Kronor Skin
Widowmaker - Tricolore skin - Hanging around highlight intro
Zenyatta - Taunt emote

I really can’t remember when I got any of these things :c I am just sad and disappointed now. I haven’t played for some time (which is also why I can’t be 100% sure of everything) and now when update came I decided that it would be nice to play few matches only to find that my hero gallery is somewhat messed up. I also got 2 Summer Games loot boxes, which I haven’t opened.

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It seems there’s a pattern here including cosmetics/items from 2019 summer games or before that (some exceptions). I’m also assuming that everyone’s account is older than that or possibly participated in that event/year.

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Same Issue, didn’t notice until today and I’m missing several legendary summer games skins.
I play on PC.
I did not make any cash purchases.
I do not recall exactly when I got the skins but it was most likely the same year they came out. The ones I’ve noticed missing so far are:
Ana: Cabana skin, Do less voiceline and medal victory pose.
Hog: Lacrosse skin.
Hanzo: Wave skin.
Genji: Kendoka skin.
Moira: Eireannach skin.
Zenyatta: Fastball skin.
Orisa: Dressage emote and Thank you for understanding voiceline.
Tracer: Bit dodgy voiceline.
Widowmaker: Dame chance voice line.
Wrecking ball: More power! voiceline.
Bastion: Boxing emote.
Pharah: On autopilot voiceline.
Symetra: Reality is my playground voiceline.
Ashe: Medal victoy pose.
Baptiste: No point rushing in and It’s your lucky day voicelines.
I know for a fact they got removed recently because I’ve had every single lootbox item unlocked for over a year and now those are locked.

I checked turning on and off the filters and actually trying to filter the stuff I don’t have shows nothing, looks like everything is unlocked when I apply filters and then when I go into each character then the missing items appear as missing. It looks like the filter actually checks them as unlocked.

Hope this helps and that the issue can get solved.