Disappearing Skins (Mercy,Genji,Tracer, Lucio limited skins)

i play on xbox and my main account is a gold border
When they unvaulted all the older All Star+ Atlantic Skins I had bought brig, winston, doomfist, zen, lucio, and mercy. Yesterday on the 29th I logged back onto overwatch for the first time in a couple days and I had noticed that Atlantic Mercy skin I had bought was gone. When I filter search the gallery to see previous skins that are unowned the skin isnt shown in there either.
I havent checked too much about other skins that could possibly be missing but as of right now I still have them except for Atlantic Mercy.

My Hanzo wave skin disappeared too and there excuse is that they can’t add skins back to the account, overwatch doesn’t care for there players they only care for money.

This is what hey told me last time, "Was there any matter of a credit card chargeback that was resolved? Chargebacks reverses activity such as skin purchases, and most likely only the credits was returned.

In any case, you will have to wait for the next Summer Games event to re-obtain that skin."

see the thing is i bought the skin with my Microsoft balance which was put on my account through a giftcard meaning it has nothing to do with a credit card wanting s refund or anything

I opened loot boxes and i got enough currency to buy the wave skin and i did but i disappeared same thing for my my competitive overwatch skins

thats so dumb im just hoping its a glitch like how the mei skin use to not appear in gallery bc i spent money on it

I also lost my skins about a week ago maybe more. Noticed that I don’t have graffiti on Zen (it was chosen) and Bastion Pirate Ship he was also chosen. But now they are gone and maybe I lost something else and did not notice. Filters do not stand and money is not returned. I write in support, they say to write on the forum for a week, no one returns anything and the forum is ignored. Graffiti on Zen from the summer games and Skin on Bastion for league tokens but I didn’t get my money back for those tokens.

There’s no way they can ignore this issue especially with the gigantic amount of items missing in Missing items (skins, sprays, emotes...). Waiting for the blue post to grace us and let us know they can do a proper rollback and fix the missing items in our accounts.

I myself am missing the American Reaper skin from the week 1 challenge of Summer Games 2019 and I’m incredibly miffed since it will never be released again.


Okay so update i just checked my skins and im missing the Lucio, Tracer, Genji and mercy skin now. Basically all the all stars and atlantic skins i had bought are now gone

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