Unexpected Server Error affecting specific accounts

I can’t connect to the game. The game makes an attempt but I get the “unexpected server error” every time. I’ve restarted the game, restarted my pc, selected both Europe and Asian servers, and launched with a VPN to other regions with no success.

I’m not seeing much in the various Overwatch forums I’ve checked to indicate others are having a problem at the moment. Anything else I can try?

edit: Just to add, I just scanned the installation and nothing was found there either.


We may have the same issue! I would try to add you and see if your career profile is missing in-game too like mine but I don’t have your battlenet number. if my theory is correct there may have been a critical database error since the update. Have you tried a different account?


Weird. Hope it gets sorted soon. I don’t have another account to try unfortunately.

Yup, you have the same exact problem even with your profile being public it never loads up in-game. I’ve tried numerous things that support told me to try, they even tried logging into Overwatch on my account but I had no luck, going to try again tomorrow when live chat is up, hopefully someone higher up can see this and figure out what the hell happened in time for Halloween Terror.

Well I hope we are lucky. I’d hate to lose this account. I’m pretty sure I have every unlockable in the game and the vast majority of event unlockables as well (not counting the 70,000+ points/tokens/gold/whatever they are)

Going to be a shame ending my streak of earning the weekly loot crates… I’ll try to contact support tomorrow as well. Thanks for reaching out and offering me further info regarding the problems with my account. I wouldn’t have known about my profile being unable to load in game without your help.

Well that’s absolutely something else our accounts have in common, having every single unlockable in the game released thus far except for a tiny few.

But I wouldn’t worry too much, when you go to playoverwatch.com with the account that’s glitched logged in, it still checks off every cosmetic you own so they’re probably still there or backed up at the very least.

Is a server problem of blizzard, it happened to me before yesterday and now it works fine.

Hey everyone, please hang tight. This issue seems really widespread right now, but don’t worry this message usually refers to a problem on Blizzard’s end and we just need to take a break for now.

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same here …main account is a no go…but my alt accounts work…weird issue

I’ve gotten this error six or seven times over the last couple of hours. I suspect it’s something to do with Diablo II, but just wanted others to know in case it’s happening to them, too.

It took several hours with this error, it kicks me out of the games and I cannot play, I have restarted the router, pc and nothing, I get into a game and after a short while “Unexpected server error” and it throws me out, I have tried until giving data from the mobile to the pc to see if it is a problem with my connection, but the same thing happens.

From Spain.

I’m getting this error a lot tonight, as well. I’m in the US.

Me too, and i’m in a house of 3 people, 2 of which are connected just fine so the tech support stuff is clearly trash

It seems that the problem has been fixed, I have been playing before without errors

i had a mandatory update then when i tried to log back in it said there was a unexpected server error and i couldnt even get in

I have the same exact problem and it’s only happening to the account I play on mainly, I have an alternate account to play with lower leveled friends and it can login just fine. Newest patch just locked me out.

Is anyone having this problem? I just updated overwatch and it says an unexpected server error occurred. When I tired to log in it says “Sorry, we were unable to log you in”

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Same! I’ve reset everything I possibly can. Even uninstalled and reinstalled.

Hey everyone, there seems to be a late night outage on Blizzard’s end. This specific error message does mean they are unable to process your connection to the servers. Please wait and try logging in later.

To start this off I’ve never been banned/silenced or done anything to warrant a suspension, my last time playing on this account was on September 26th and suddenly with the new patch I found myself unable to login.

I’ve tried a restart, reinstall and finally deleting all my logs and settings set up that save my user settings. I can login to any other account into East Coast just fine, but there’s absolutely nothing I can do with my main account here and it even seems to be glitched in-game, you can’t look at my career profile and only gives you a blank screen, leading me to believe this is a server issue that happened cause of the maintenance.

The only thing I hope is that all my items are safe because this is horrifying, despite having an active Overwatch account that’s been playing since launch, one mistake on Blizzard’s end seems to have me trapped and unable to climb again. There seems to be no way for force the login, and my friends can see me login but I get the same UNEXPECTED SERVER ERROR OCCURRED everytime on my end.