Missing Event Skins

Im gonna keep trying to resolve this issue. I play on xbox and when they unvaulted all the older All Stars and Atlantic Skins. I bought Mercy, Genji, Lucio and Tracer. I have clips of me using the skins on my account too but when i logged in on 09/29/21, none of then were on my account anymore. I cant even find the skins when I filter search. I bought the skins through my microsoft balance which was filled by a xbox giftcard. Meaning it has nothing to do with cards get canceled refunded etc. Im really hoping ill get a response this time because it cost money and it’s frustrating that they were just taken off my account for no reason.

Make sure to check without using filters as there is known bugs with the filter tools in the hero gallery.

That being said, there are reports of a small number of users missing their skins since the start of the latest patch. Please report your details in this thread on the #bug-report forum:

I already reported it in the bug report forums and i got no help with it. Ive search for it with and without the filter and still nothing.

Understand that Blizzard does not immediately reply to the bug report forum (see the Bug Report guidelines for details) and that this may take several days to get fixed.

Okay, i replied to your other comment in the other thread but with more detail/info. Thank you

ah, here at least the topic is listed, because i have another bug to report: search option on the bug report list does not work x)