What's with all the missing skins?

No matter what I set my filter settings to, some skins just simply aren’t visible in the hero gallery. Skins like the Blizzcon skin for Bastion are visible, and the limited-time-only skins are mostly visible even if they’re unattainable, but there’s skins like Sigma’s with the orange visor or that new alien Zenyatta skin for the MVP award that don’t show up at all, and I keep seeing them in game.

Are they meant to not be included in the gallery?

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The special event skins only show up in the gallery if you own them. If you don’t, they won’t appear even when filtered.

You actually can see them when you don’t own them. Go to filter → Show unowned → mark legacy → mark legendary → ta-dah!
You should be able to see Pink Mercy, Illidian Genji and Alien Zarya plus a bunch of other skins


Ohhhhhh fancy. :eyes:

Ah, but still not the special event ones like nano Dva or Bastet Ana. :frowning:

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I know this topic isn’t about the current missing items bug that I am tracking, but for those who see the topic title and think otherwise…

If you are missing skins from your collection, please report exact details in this Bug Report thread:

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I think you can actually see Nano Cola if you check “epic” too, but other skins like Bastet Ana won’t appear… Maybe they’ll come back in the future? I missed so many good skins.

Yeah, same. I missed a few, but specifically Bastet, it’s the only one I want. I would def like an opportunity to earn it again. :pray:


Those will eventually be rotated into Legacy.


It’s also weird that the grey owl skins that I have disappear whenever you apply any filter. Filter for owned skins, these owned skins disappear, filter for unowned, they also disappear, etc …etc…etc…

That is a bug I have reported in, unfortunately there is no ETA for that.

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Thanks. I’m not really worried about. It’s just the kind of bug that is surprising it can be a bug.

This doesn’t show all of them. Like I said, no matter what filters you have set it’s impossible to see some of them. There’s still no alien Zenyatta nor orange visor Sigma.

I’m confused what you mean by “rotated into legacy” can you elaborate on that

They mean they’ll add them to the “Legacy” filter in the gallery, so we can see them :slight_smile: