Missing items (skins, sprays, emotes...)

I play on PC.

I never make purchases with real money, I may have unlocked stuff with the in game credits though.

I am missing the summer games skins for Torb, Soldier, and McCree: all of which I had equipped the last time I played. I logged in today and they are locked and have classic skins equipped. I unlocked the McCree summer skin this year from a lootbox and got the Torb and Soldier skins the year they released.

Oddly, I’ve not noticed anything else missing other than these 3 skins as of yet, but that could be from them being the most noticable.

I play on PC and I’ve had the game since 2017.

I didn’t buy anything on the last summer games, but I know that on 2017 and 2018 bought some items.

It doesn’t appear to mater using filters the missing items appear as unlocked.

I had unlocked most of the seasonal events items minus some few legendary skins that I didn’t like because I always got to a point of getting repeated items on all the seasonal events and keept acumulating credits I used to unlock the ones I liked at the start of the next event, so the emotes, victory poses, voice lines, sprays, highlight intros and player icons are missing, all the blue-normal? skins, all the purple-uncomon? skins and a lot of the legendary skins are missing. It looks like some of the skins I had been using during the summer event are still equiped but everything else is missing.

Some limited time unlockable skins seem to be there but I don’t know how many of them I had unlocked and even then they were pretty meh.

I know I miss the superstition player icon, the dva black cat skin and other things like that because, well, look at my name…
At least the sombra black cat is still there with some or all the owl skins I had, the pink mercy and the lucio owl emote so that’s at least good.

I know I had the dva gold weapons but are now locked and I can’t remember how many more I had unlocked, but at least I know they were very few and less important to me.

I play on an Xbox 1

I got the unvaulted All Stars/Atlantic Skins via microsoft balance which was filled through an xbox giftcard.

Ive looked for the mercy skins (All Stars/Atalntic Mercy, Genji, Tracer, Lucio) with and without a filter. Nothing comes up at all.

All skins where bought during the unvaulting event

Any word on any progress with fixing this bug?

One more detail that may or may not be relevant: I had collected over 50 unopened loot boxes by the time this bug re-locked my unlocks.

I play on PC and have had Overwatch since the first Summer Games event.
I am able to see the items, but they’re showing as locked despite which filter I use.
I know for a fact that I have all of the event items and one-off items because I’m a bit obsessive about collecting them all during each event, and check multiple times before each event completes.

Aug 18, 2021 Overwatch: 200 League Tokens $9.99 Complete []
Jul 6, 2021 Overwatch: 200 League Tokens $9.99 Complete []
Jun 9, 2021 Overwatch: 200 League Tokens $9.99 Complete []
Jun 3, 2021 Overwatch – 11 Anniversary Loot Boxes $9.99 Complete []
Apr 29, 2021 Overwatch: 200 League Tokens $9.99 Complete []
Apr 24, 2021 Overwatch – 5 Archives Loot Boxes $4.99 Complete []
Apr 24, 2021 Overwatch – 5 Archives Loot Boxes $4.99 Complete []
Feb 23, 2021 Overwatch – 5 Lunar New Year Loot Boxes $4.99 Complete []
Feb 23, 2021 Overwatch – 5 Lunar New Year Loot Boxes $4.99 Complete []

This is what I know I’m missing (locked, but shouldn’t be.) It’s possible but unlikely that the vanilla (non-event) items might be legitimately locked but all of my loot boxes have been only duplicates for as far back as I can remember. I mostly care about the limited time cosmetics that I can’t just unlock at any time. Especially if any of them no longer show up in the default filtering and I don’t know that I no longer have access to them.

Victory Pose - Medal
Voice Line - Do Less

Emote - Flourish
Victory Pose - Medal
Spray - Shooting
Highlight Intro - Ashe and Bob

Voice Line - No Point Rushing In
Voice Line - Still Looks Bad
Spray - Pole Vault

Victory Pose - Medal

Skin - B.Va

Skin - Kendoka

Skin - Wave

Emote - Come Here

Emote - Dressage
Voice Line - Thank You For Understanding

Voice Line - A Pattern Forms
Voice Line - Just Act Normal

Skin - Peacock
Voice Line - Reality Is My Playground

Skin - Surf N Splash

Voice Line - Bit Dodgy

Wrecking Ball:
Skin - Lucioball

Voice Line - What Weighs Upon Your Mind

Surf N Splash

Hey Dog, for your protection, remove the transaction ID numbers of your recent transaction list. That should not be shared publicly.

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Removed. Thank you for the heads up!

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I too have many of my unlocks locked again. It’s not my summer games stuff but a lot of the white and blue cosmetics along with non-event player icons. After logging on after the recent patch on September 28, 2021, many of the cosmetic skins and player icons I’ve unlocked over the years are suddenly locked and the game is making me unlock them for a second time. I’m not sure what happened but when I logged on, I clicked on the hero gallery and nearly every hero had a new unlock available which was strange because I hadn’t opened any loot boxes or anything recently. Then I noticed it was many of the blue rarity skins that I had already unlocked saying that I just unlocked them. I already had unlocked every blue and white rarity cosmetic and player icon in the game (not including event-specific ones). I’m not sure what to do about this but I really don’t want to grind out all of these unlocks for a second time. I play on PC.

I am on PC, I bought 200 league tokens the month BEFORE this past summer games event, I am not using any filters, and I have obtained these items throughout the year as I have been playing since about a month after launch. I had collected every event unlockable (save for some achievements) and every normal unlockable (save for some achievements and gold guns) and now at least 40-50% of them are gone. The ticket I filed said to post on this forum. If you really want me to list everything I am missing, I can, but it will be a LONG list.

It should be noted that skins purchased with OWL tokens or charity event skins are still on my account, thankfully. Or at least I didn’t notice any missing. But the rest of the collectables I’ve accumulated over the years just being GONE is really upsetting.

Thank you for working hard on this issue, but please let us know as soon as you find a solution.

Edit: I also wanted to say, in addition to someone who mentioned unopened boxes earlier, I do have around 300 unopened, I think? I stopped opening them when I got everything since there wasn’t much point, and then just opened them whenever I needed coins for event skins. So, there’s that, in case there’s some correlation.

It’s been so long and still no response to this situation. I know it might seem a ridiculous thing to complain about, but having an account since 2017 and I have put hundreds of hours in this game, for skins that I have unlocked that are now locked, is pretty disheartening. Is there going to be anything done about this? Also I have been playing OW for the last several days straight since the patch update, and each loot box I get are sprays, player icons, and voice lines I know I had unlocked, as the past several months, all I got was duplicates in loot boxes, just shows a lot more than I thought were locked again. I pretty much had 100% of standard OW stuff unlocked - give or take some skins for characters I don’t play. But I have tonnes of event skins that are locked for me which I would prefer to have back.


It’s the weekend right now so nobody’s in the office but this patch honestly felt like the most broken patch in a long time, despite only adding in a single deathmatch map that was delayed.

We have the first ongoing bug I was involved with being certain accounts stuck in limbo purgatory unable to log in due to something blocking the servers/client from reading user info / career profile correctly logging in, huge amounts of event cosmetics gone from user’s hero gallery including items you can never get again, inactivity timer changes (I’m assuming this was to fix the exploit that allows you to stay in spawn on attack by damaging yourself and then the rest of the other team gets kicked for inactivity for not shooting you or your team) that backfired spectacularly.

I’m more worried about this one though, whenever I see things about cosmetics going missing in this forum or not being issued they usually don’t manually fix them up for the user and just say you missed your chance, the MM-Mei bug was just a hero gallery issue but this is the actual items just getting locked again from the past and if there’s no way for them to revert the items without breaking how the hero gallery saves changes then we might be in big trouble because they might not take our word for it.

Hello I am having a similar issue to everyone else here except I am not missing summer games skins but more so i’m missing skins from all over the place. Seasonal skins as well as generic normal skins. I play on PC and haven’t bought anything since December 2020. After the most recent patch I joined the game and noticed many skins were missing from some of my main heroes that I play. I really noticed after I unlocked a skin from a loot box which I had since I purchased the game back in 2016. I don’t have a list of everything I am missing unfortunately since I never expected something like this to happen. Overall most of my skins were acquired the past two years since I started playing very heavily. I did the math and the amount of cosmetics I have unlocked do not match the amount of cases I would have opened based on level alone. I have been arguing my point for the past week now only to be pushed to post in this thread with hopes that they can resolve the issue through Q&A. I would at this point have them just roll my account back a few levels in hopes that it would fix the issue.

Playstation 4

I am missing the grand finals rewards as well as Doomfist Hanzo and McCree

If you mean that you didn’t receive all of the 2021 grand finals rewards that you expected, that sounds like a different issue. This thread is about cosmetics that were previously unlocked becoming locked. Failing to receive drops for streaming OWL is not the same thing.

I think I had them before

Hey guys it seems that the fix was pushed today during maintenance for this! Check your accounts! I got my American Reaper back thank goodness!

For me everything is still missing.

still nothing back for me ):

same, still missing all my stuff

Nothing back for me :frowning: Still sad