Mercy 4.0! By Hige

Lastest version: 5/22/2019
Mercy 4.3: YSMAR
Finally a working version to share!!! it’s been 84 years… lol I’m no programmer but thanks to a lot of people from here (Thank you Sci) and from reddit I finally made it!

This was something I wanted to do since I did a concept for a mercy rework a long time ago (linkity: so if you liked that idea and wanted to give it a shot, here’s your chance!

Either way I’ll try to describe what is happening to mercy under these rules

Regen (E on alive players)

Mercy throws a tiny projectile that travels to the target and activates after a brief pause, the target receives 20 hp/s that can stack with any other sources of healing. 20 Seconds cooldown

Known issues:

  • Naturally since this skill overlays on top of Resurrect, everytime you use it you hear the “unable to use” sound

Mass Heal (Upon Ult cast)

Mercy releases an expanding wave of healing around her, every ally caught in the radius is healed 100 hp instantly, Line of sight is not necessary

Known Issues:

  • None O.o which I find surprising honestly lol

Valkyrie (ult)

Upon Cast Mercy will perform Mass Heal and will be propelled 2m upwards while receiving 25 hp instantly, healing during valk is now single target but buffed to 65 hp/s. Everything else remains the same (Free Flight, infinite Ammo, Multi dmg beam)

Known Issues:

  • Regen is deactivated during Valk, this is not a bug

  • Valk’s healing beam branches are visible still but don’t heal

  • There’s an effect for the healing target that is currently missing (or might pop from time to time) because I haven’t figured out how to restrict the effect to only the beam and not the pistol

I didn’t add the idea of rez moving you upwards, however I did add it to valk’s cast, to me it just feels intuitive but I’m open to suggestions and criticism!



Cool that’s a good first job. I’m interested in seeing new adaptations of mercy.

Just a few remarks (code-wise):
be careful about using “destroy all effects” and a global var (for the wave effect). That won’t be too cool when 2 or more mercies are in game, and mercies ulting within a second of each other is actually a thing xD

The way you used a filtered array for E is a bit hard on the eye considering “Player Closest to Reticle” would probably do the trick.

keep it up

Thank you!

I agree that destroying all effects was a bit harsh, I wanted to store the effects on a player variable but was afraid of having too many since as you can see I stack effects quite a bit, looking back that hold back is a bit silly xD so I might polish it in the future

As for using filtered array instead of player closer to reticle, I had an edge case that I wanted to avoid but thinking back that might not happen in a 6v6 environment… the case was that the targeting could be a bit bonker at times, meaning that if there was a single player on the corner of your view and he was literally the closest to your reticle then the effect would target them

That said… maybe player closest to reticle can be tweaked somehow? first adding a range at least… uhm I might try that!

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nah actually your solution’s better. I just realized Closest to Reticle is probably more like Mercy’s guardian angel or Ana’s nano types of targeting.

As far as using lots of variables I think you should be safe. Apparently game stability at the moment is more sensitive to having lots of effects.

actually… I tried it like that and I feel like it’s better somehow… feels… more accurate? I also added an abort if players aren’t in view angle because of those edge cases where a player is in the corner of your eye

However I couldn’t get it to work without filtering the array since simply using player closest to reticle doesn’t prompt a condition modifier :confused:

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Ok wow I just tested this build on PTR and your Valkyrie burst heal stole my heart.

It actually gives it such a nice and interesting element of burst impact and life saving potential without it being too strong, I really hope if the Devs ever look at buffing Mercy they consider this change. Actually so good in practice but not wildly strong.

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So glad to read that!!! I honestly love it as well, so much so that I updated both the code and added a something I thought was harder to do

UPDATE - Mercy 4.1


Mercy heals 70 hp/s for the whole duration of Valk and her healing has been changed to single target no matter what

Known Issues:

  • While I firmly stand behind Mercy doing single target healing all the time, there’s no way for me to actually erase the visual effect, however, I coded her healing beam from scratch, disabled her regular healing during valk and applied the new healing value on her ult/beam, this means that even if you see the branches they effectively do nothing
  • I feel like this version of Mercy has too much healing, her ult combined with the new 70 hp/s during valk will make allies particularly inmortal, been thinking of nerfing the wave to heal 100 hp instead, who knows
  • There’s a bug with the healing beam that if you break range but keep holding the button, the healing will keep going lol, need to add a range check but it’s 3 o’clock in the morning!!


Code: B419B

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actually… I tried it like that and I feel like it’s better somehow… feels… more accurate? I also added an abort if players aren’t in view angle because of those edge cases where a player is in the corner of your eye

However I couldn’t get it to work without filtering the array since simply using player closest to reticle doesn’t prompt a condition modifier :confused:

O.o are you ok? you just copied and pasted my post lol

Hey, I’m compiling a list of Overwatch Workshop Community Resources, and was wondering if I could add your Mercy 4.0 to the list.

Of course dude! I might do a small change tonight and then feel free to use the code!

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Awesome! Thanks!:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This sounds really awesome. It’s nice to see people actually giving a damn about Mercy for a change, instead of just being like ‘Oh, she’s balanced now, shut up.’ I can’t wait to play this on console (whenever the devs decide to throw the workshop onto live servers… Probably with the anniversary, whenever that’s starting?)


Here you go! KXG4D

Now some Patch notes!

Mercy 4.2


  • Fixed a bunch of conditional problems during valk, Mercy will no longer lose her self healing, nor will she be able to heal allies while shooting with her blaster (though the effect might still play, there’s no healing being done)
  • Added a Ring effect to the person being healed by Mercy during valk in order to improve readability
  • Added status effect vulnerability, hope those work for every instance and don’t cut anything midway x_x


Sadly the last version of Mercy proved to be too powerful and as such a few nerfs were implemented

Regen (E)
Reduced Healing over time from 20 to 15 hp/s
Increased Cooldown from 15 to 20

Being able to heal at a rate of 70 hp/s every 15 seconds was too powerful, this skill is meant to feel like an aid on dire situations but having it up all the time was defeating the purpose of strategic planning with it

Mass heal (Valk)
Added a tiny burst of healing to Mercy herself upon Valk’s activation
Reduced Mass heal’s upfront healing amount from 150 to 100
Reduced Valk’s single target healing from 70 to 65

By adding 25 hp worth of healing to Mercy herself, Valk gains the ability to be used reactively in the face of danger, 25 hp isn’t too much but in combination with her self healing and the new upward impulse I believe Mercy can escape almost anything

The healing nerfs were just needed, 70 hp/s is bonkers, nothing dies ever, and 150 upfront for everyone touched by the wave was almost topping off most characters with 200 hp, 100 healing upfront is nothing to laugh about either, specially since Mercy’s ult charges incredibly fast

I know how people feel about nerfs but I think I want to stay as close to realistically possible as I can, I’m open to feedback and discussion about this as well!

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Thanks! Here’s the list. I’ll be updating it sometime today.

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Moved the thread over here in order to avoid making another one!

Mercy 4.3.2 YSMAR


  • Added Cooldown timer for the Regen Ability


  • Fixed a bug where Regen would fire if Mercy had a valid target while casting Rez
  • Fixed a bug that made Regen’s Projectile slower than intended, animations now match
  • Tried to fix a bug where Mercy’s pistol would tag ally players with an effect, sort of works but also erases the effect when using the beam…

Does anyone have an idea of how to set conditions for Mercy’s pistol only? both firing and using primary work for both the beam and the pistol and button held naturally does the same as well, I think this is one of the limits of the workshop sadly