Just asking, why does the Overwatch Team hide nerfs under "Bug fixes"?

It’s a bug because it was never an intended feature. If they intended for her to heal through barriers they would have instead listed it as a nerf.

I’m not the biggest fan of how Blizz is handling some things myself but this is like tinfoil levels of ridiculous.


That was a bug fix from the PTR. It’s definitely weird when they do this, but they list fixes for bugs that were both created and fixed on PTR, even if the bugs never existed in the live version.

The ability to destroy the translocator, along with the fact that it has 5 HP, is listed in the hero changes.


Oh I didn’t know that, good.

What about the damage boost though? Was that a known bug?

Because they lie… That’s what Blizzard does… they lie and manipulate… They are deceitful, disrespectful, and abusive with the truth.

“We feel that the Mercy rework has been a success” - 10 nerfs and almost a year later she’s still a huge problem and incredibly boring to boot.


does it matter? be it bug or just something they decided to change…does the bug label matter?..either way its getting changed

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“Fixed a bug that allowed Moira to heal through barriers”

“Fixed a bug that allowed Mercy to damage boost Hanzo’s Dragonstrike”

Hi there,

I wouldn’t say these are subtle nerfs. The two examples you provided were never intended from a design perspective. What differentiates these from nerfs is the development team never desired those heroes to function in that fashion, ultimately that’s why they are bug fixes. We’ll continue trying our best to catch these before they hit LIVE.

Thank you.


Thank you for explaining that Tom. Many of us were confused or concerned.


Oh wow, thank you for your answer.


A fair assessment, but I think a lot of people were upset at what was a de facto nerf of a hero that simply did not need a nerf. Why didn’t you guys just make it an official part of her kit?


Ok but can you let moira heal through barriers again? Thanks.
EDIT: I mean she gets pretty frustrating to play as right now. Every time I couldnt heal someone because of a barrier I always wish to have picked mercy…


Okay, i understand that for Moria.
But for Mercy, or better said DmgB in general, it seams very unreasonable to call it a bug fix if it was in the game for more than 2 years and was never called a bug. So saying that the development team never wanted it funktion like that, sounds like a bad Excuse.


Okay but what about “Fixed a bug that allowed Sombra to contest while invisible” when that wasn’t a bug


Lol this is why blizz doesn’t give us more responses.

Y’all are just on a witch hunt.

Blizz gives response, not satisfactory? Let’s continue to shred them.

At this point there’s no logical explanation a lot of you would accept other than them flat out admitting whatever you accuse them of.


Hey Tom, I think it might be wise to just list these as functional changes instead of labeling them as bug fixes, then. There’s a lot of stuff in the game that I doubt the designers/devs originally envisioned, but I think more importantly the determinant factor for whether to call something a bug fix should be whether the users think the functionality is broken. If the players themselves do not consider it a bug, then it’s really just a functional change.

As an example, I doubt you guys envisioned Storm arrow being used to mow down tanks, but you probably wouldn’t label the original damage decrease you guys made as a bugfix…

I get what you’re saying but I think since the purpose of patch notes is to inform the players about what changes are contained in a patch, it would really benefit to write it from the perspective of the players instead of the devs.


“Fixed a bug, some crazy person put an ultimate ability like Rez on E…”


Could you fix that bug that made heroes like Bastion and Mercy unplayable?

Some kinda glitch put Mercy’s ult on E, and made Bastion do very little damage.

I truly believe this is a game breaking bug, please fix.


Sounds like it wasn’t a bug but a design oversight tbh.

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Interesting how this forum has also called nerfs “bug fixes”, like Genji’s triple jump and deflect hitbox.

Moira bug fix is a pretty clear case of a bug.

Dragonstrike is not as clear but actually makes sense if you think about it. The dragons are like rip tire. They are their own beings and theoretically speaking, Mercy would have to damage boost them directly in order to increase the damage.

Just like Mercy cannot damage boost turret by beaming Torb, or damage boost self-destruct by beaming baby d.va.


We don’t deserve Tom Powers. Respect for the OG Community Manager.
He’s my president. :sob::+1:

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She could damage boost anything that didnt have a healthbar of its own. But its a bug fix after 2 years lol.