Overwatch developers hypocrisy

even then, blizzard retains the “other” guideline that heavily implies that they can ban/remove whatever content for whatever reason.

Atleast thats what they have for owl and the players. they can kick whoever they want out of owl for whatever reason and its ok.

its been treated like this since almost day one. not even the first year of it being done and it was being treated pretty not smartily.
Then the next year happens, a whole bunch of meh and “why?” nerfs happened.
Like the soldier 20 dps to 19 dps, literally why?
all that does is make soldier more vulnerable and weaker in comparison to other dps characters like mccree or tracer.

and thats where my mentality flourishes.
I see certain characters as only flourishing in certain ranks.
Like mei right now. imo, mei is flourishing from bronze to plat or diamond. and imo, thats completely fine. Not every character can be viable due to how this game is currently set up.

IF they wanted t he game to be a “swapping” fest where you constantly swap like every other life, (like they said during overwatch’s launch) the set up would be completely different. you could retain like some set of ult charge, there’d be some algorithm that allowed ult charge to decently transfer from one hero to the next and be balanced. There’d be more into it. But there isnt.
The game still doesnt have hard counters and its been over two years.

that alone is hypocrisy, they lied at launch. or had a new idea on how to push the game.
and even then, they have to make each character unique but yet roadhog and reaper are almost clones of each other and its fine.
And winston right here not getting some buffs or reworks even though he’s the main proponent of dive and he gets changed up, dive will get changed up too.

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She posted it in Youtube so she isn’t binded by the agreement. It’s just those who post it on the forums which is why i quickly made it clear that i wasn’t aware that the vid was banned.

Well spoken

Which is why I put a disclaimer on all of my posts that are critical of the moderators and the devs, saying that it isn’t breaking a part of the CoC

She’s not bound by the agreement because she put it on youtube, but the original poster was bound by posting the video. If I posted a video that was a 30second loop of someone saying kcuf and tihs with music in the background, I would still be held accountable by the TOS.

I am not disagreeing with any of the video’s points. I am simply saying that it’s taboo because of the language used and because it outright insults the devs and the playerbase.

Which makes no sense.

  1. I don’t see why profanity is a issue to them when they give players the option to uncensor profanity in game.

  2. They’ve insulted us countless times so the fact that they’re this tolerant when people insult them is shocking and again, very hypocritical.

But whatever. This conversation isn’t getting us anywhere.

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No he didn’t. He said that it was under “bug-fixes” because it was an unintended interaction.

Like others have said, that interaction has existed in the game for years, but it wasn’t until Hanzo was catapulted to being meta that it was relevant.

im like 80% sure the forum mods tried to look up her account name/number to try and ban her from the forums.

i waited and argued from the perspective of hard counters for a gosh long while before I realized that stuff wasnt gonna happen.

They’re out here trying to make a hero shooter with like 25 or so characters
I can honestly see what they’re going for but they keep falling short and at some points not really make any sense with what they do.
its weird.

If anything, the best thing they should’ve done was make a smash clone for hots.

with a budget like that and animation, they would’ve made a very decent smash clone, pretty sure a whole lot of people would’ve put the time and effort into learning the meta with that game.

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I don’t make the rules.

We signed the TOS. I doubt Jeff did.

when did they insult us?

show me some of that stuff, fam.

This is from the other thread that was locked. Does this thread count as persisting down this path, or does that only count for the OP of the other thread?

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Regardless of it being taboo. This is something they have to own up to. That’s not fair to us because we like playing their game. We like evolution, but not much have evolved.

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They indirectly insulted us. Basically, they gave a response to all the feedback in the countless mega threads outside of the mega thread. Don’t know about you but i find that insulting af as they can’t even reply to the hundreds and thousands of replies in the mega thread but can reply to mini thread made by a common player…

yeah thats pretty dumb imo.

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Surprised so many people missed this…

:frowning: I’m offended. JK I don’t really care. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of opinion.

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well im not calling u dumb.

I was agreeing and calling what blizzard does in what you described to be dumb.

because there’s this obvious problem and doing anything else but addressing it would make them seem bad. thats a very obvious imo.

she’s noticed :slight_smile:


I think at one point someone on the team even said that the people on the forms have no clue when it comes to balancing so that’s why they don’t listen.


The way they addressed the problem is bad. Do they ever get anything right when it comes to communicating with the community?

i dont think so?

except maybe the WoW stuff.
most of the big wigs from early wow have been put on other stuff and are deemed like royalty in blizz land

SO when wow started downhill, small guys that dont really care about their image got put on it. So they’ve mostly been honest.
and even said “we screwed up and we dont like this class now because of it”
and because of it they never really fixed that class.

They hardly communicate with us and its pretty frustrating as they rarely ever clear up confusion and hardly give us answers and we are left wondering what they are doing and if they actually see or read our feedback.

It really digs away at the patience of us all.