Jeff said they were going to be more crazy with experimental

First of all, i absolutely love the fact that we are getting much more dev updates and changes. It really improves the game from a mental pov. They said this year, their goal is to update more frequently and no hold back as much when it comes to changes. They held their deal on the frequency part, but not the holding back.

This experimental card is the perfect example of that. The tweaks are just so small you barely notice a difference. In my opinion, they should stretch the boundaries and if all hell breaks loose, just tone it back, it not like its on the live servers. Sometimes crazy changes actually improve the game with out the devs even realizing it would until after they do it. Its called experimental card for a reason, they need to… EXPERIMENT.

This is just my opinion. They should try out new things that arent just small little buffs and changes. k thanks


This is more crazy. It is insane that they thought these changes would be well received.


I guess they don’t do riskier / more elaborated experiments because they are investing time on OW2’s development? Paris’ and Horizon Lunar Colony’s rework?

Would those kind of stuff be the motive they are held back from riskier / more elaborated experiments?

10% increase of Mercy’s healing “BUT IT WAS JUST 5 HEALS PER SECOND” yes and apparently having 10 heals per second less dumpstered your hero.

So, it matters.

Zen’s Discord increasing from 25% to 30% is massive because that’s 5% more from all sources for ALL damage put onto someone.

That means 5% MORE Ult Charge on top of the +25% you already got from its previously-nerfed state.

Reworks are not going to be tested or looked into until AFTER Overwatch 2 is released. The Devs confirmed this in an interview.
We are not getting another new hero until Overwatch 2 is released. The Devs confirmed this in an interview.

These are big changes.
Junkrat’s changes do a wonderful job at helping him, and Bastion’s changes could’ve definitely been stronger or aimed elsewhere- having lower spread means he can position with a more open sightline. He was never weak to Snipers because his head is hidden in Sentry- the exception being Spamzo and his Spam-Storm ability.

Now Bastion can heal through Spamzo’s damage, and is harder to dive due to the healing buff to Mercy and himself.

He can position in safer areas because of the reduced spread.
He can run away to reposition better due to his self-heal being usable (without consuming resource) if you hold it while at full HP.

These are big changes.
Y’all just don’t seem to realize what it affects.


you’ll see a mix of changes on the experimental card. we have some more “interesting” things planned but those things usually require a lot more effort. it’s still useful for us (and for the community) to test balance changes as well.


Can you please please please please do something about mandatory Reinhardt every game? This is far and away the game’s largest problem right now and you’re just ignoring it, messing with supports when they aren’t nearly as broken as the tank role.

Ana might be popular, but I don’t feel like a Mercy player is throwing the game now. I do feel like an Orisa player is.


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and while you are still here, what are your thoughts on PogOW?
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For the first time in years they touched bastion, how much more crazy can you get?


Thanks for the good changes on experimental, Moira’s orb feels pretty fun.

Speak for yourself. I’m not tanking if my main healer is a Mercy. Good luck with that


Please dont nerf Ana


Mercy isn’t’ so bad if your a tank, good luck if your any one else though. Due to the nerfs ot shields a lot of dmg comes in and she can’t really heal multiple targets well. It puts a lot of pressure on the secondary healer.

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Is there any chance you could explain the reasoning behind Junks total mayhem buff? Other than potentially deterring dives I cant think of what the positive to this is?

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Just a very slight chance of catching more hero’s that kill him with a melee kill. Less delay so hero’s like tracer might get killed.

Could you give us a teaser what these interesting things are about? I’m actually pretty disappointed about the Bastion changes tbh.

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jeff i have a question critically important to the game’s future

so your guys’ plans is for open queue to run another arcade season while you prepare for it to feature alongside the role queue card - when it deploys next to role queue as one of the primary gamemodes, is it going to count as “open queue season 3” or is it going to be “season 1” because it’s the first ‘real’ season for it?

I’m a Mercy main. I know how she interracts with tanks in her current and in her experimental state. Give me Ana, Moira or Baptiste or you will be playing with two off tanks. I’m not about to main tank with 2 off healers on my team.

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Jeff could you comment a bit about Moira as a character? what is your general perception of her? do you think her mechanics could be a bit harder than what was shown today on the card or is that the limit?

Hiya Mr. Kaplan!

Is the dev team aware of how the change to damage boost mechanics has affected Mercy’s gameplay?

When damage boost mechanics got changed from being applied when then landed to being applied when the shot was fired, Mercy lost her ability to damage boost projectiles that are in midair. It’s an interaction I really miss - min-maxing with Mercy’s beams and damage boosting a rocket/grenade/firestrike right before it landed was a really fun way to use Mercy’s boost, and it showed off your skills as a Mercy player.

There’s a lot of little nuances like that that I miss about Mercy…

I love the healing buff, btw. I’ve played a lot of Mercy on the experimental card so far. My take so far is that she now works a lot better when played with other main healers, but still tends to fall behind when paired with an off healer.

Is there any chance you guys might consider giving Mercy a secondary healing ability? Mercy is the only main healer who doesn’t have any backup heals to fall back on when her primary heals are getting overwhelmed.


Thank you for FINALLY paying some attention to Mercy, but she NEEDS more. She still only gets 60 HPS in Valk and its STILL an incredibly weak Ultimate. Could we get the 1 instant cast time Res during Valk back?

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