In-game Shop Update - 1 Nov 2022

Hiya folks,

In order to give players more options in how they purchase cosmetic items, we have enabled individual purchasing of most items contained within featured shop bundles, including skins and weapon charms. Though we believe bundles represent great value for players who want to buy all the included items, we understand that some players may want to purchase certain bundled items separately at their full price.

This change is now live in the game across all regions.

Thanks, and we’ll see you in game


That’s good, but this thread will still explode negatively, and for good reason.


Would be nice if Paid Battle Passes didn’t expire.

Also, some games have a daily Paid Shop login reward of a minimal amount of premium currency. Mostly as an incentive to “Widen the Top of Funnel” sales potential by familiarizing people with the Paid Shop interface. Maybe consider that.


While I appreciate it, it doesn’t change the fact that your items are wildly overpriced not to mention you guys certainly knew what you were doing when you locked items in bundles to force players with FOMO to spend more. The fact that you guys continue to make these monetization decisions in your games tells me you no longer care if I am honest. It should not take non stop waves of negativity for you guys to get the memo that you passed the line of what should be accepted. But lets be honest. Corporate already knew that


We’re literally clowns at this point :clown_face:


Nobody cares … Where is the OWL token update? There are tons of threads, many people report a problem, and you kindly announce things that nobody cares about … Bravo blizzard.


You guys should make a section in the shop featuring all heroes as categories and their skins to unlock when you enter one.
Also make purchases via legacy credits possible in the shop, for skins that can be purchased that way. It can make people save their coins on skins that can be bout with legacy credits.


LMAO, they actually said that. :clown_face: great for you, you mean. The only “great value” thing in the shop is the option to exit the shop.


Tottally not because it was illegal or anything it was a change made because of good heart


I want to say that this is good, but these prices are anything but good.


Add my voice to the feedback to the execs that the prices in general WAY miss the mark.

Old Overwatch 1 epic skins should not be 20 dollars. They should be 2 dollars. This is probably the most ridiculous example of the monetization.

New cosmetics are priced anywhere from 2x - 5x as much as they reasonably should be.

Your out of touch MBAs and CFOs and whoever else see games like Fortnite and think OW is equivalent, having 0 idea about the differences. In Fortnite you buy a skin for the ONE character you ever play. In OW it’s for one of 35. That alone is a huge deal.

Surely you’re missing out on money with prices like this.


Please lower the price a bit.

An epic should cost 5 bucks alone.
I’d gladly pay them if it was just 5 bucks


Where is the thumbs down button?


Still garbage.

So I can Buy the Kiriko Witch Skin By itself now, cool.

But I’d still have to get the full bundle for the Clean Sweep Highlight Intro + Icon + Name Card. Nah.

Your still not hearing your community. do better yo.


Posting to make sure that you know that you don’t deserve props for doing this. You don’t get to cross over the line and than go back and think you deserve anything but negativity still.


Just a question… Why does a souvenier and a weapon charm bundle in the shop cost the same as the whole battlepass?


Guess outside counsel got done with their review, and pointed out the potential legal issues in some countries when you sell items only in a bundle.

Guess now we wait for the marketing team to finish to their research into why shop items aren’t selling as well as predicted. Might see some price changes then.


We all know why ya’ll walked this back and it wasn’t for the sake of the players. Only because you were getting called out for blatantly illegal practices.

While you treat your devoted players with utter contempt, other comparable games actually respect and reward players for their time. If your company cares even the slightest bit about the game and sustaining its player-base, adding a reasonable about of free rewards and a proper currency income (and no slaving for a measly 60 coins a week ain’t it) is the bare minimum requirement.


The battlepass should give enough at least 1000 Tokens, the only skins that should be sold for $20+ are Mythic skins, no old skins should be more then $10