I’d like your opinion on this, community

Here are some posts I’ve found from that the blizzard tracker have locked or I find that could be quite controversial, so I’d like your opinion it, but don’t push devs to revert these actions, just your simple opinion. PLEASE, DON’T HARASS, I’M SIMPLY POSTING THIS HERE TO COLLAGE MY PERSONAL CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS FOR THE COMMUNITY’S EASE OF ACCESS):

Palestinian Flag Icon?

Just asking, why does the Overwatch Team hide nerfs under “Bug fixes”?

Be honest have you threw games before?

Mercy in a bikini

I miss the dislike button

Is it xenophobic to say “go away big african robot” to Orisa?

Forums this days

So downvotes are completely gone now?

Overwatch Racism

Soe is getting death threats on twitter

I don’t have an opinion on these, but I’m curious to hear yours, I don’t really mind these actions, I’m rather neutral on them.

I don’t intend to harass developers, nor do I want harassment towards them, I just simply want your opinion on these actions, community.

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Mercy in a bikini wasn’t locked for being controversial. Mercy in a bikini was locked because trolls said inflammatory things and we made the mistake of arguing with them. The majority of the community were fine with this thread, and it was later remade (to much less success, however.)

Unless you actually do think that women who choose to wear swimwear do so because they’ve been bullied or victimized into doing so by a sinister male conspiracy.

If you haven’t noticed, things only breach ToS to the forum moderators when it paints the game in a bad light. I’ll probably get silenced for making this comment tbh

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Petitions are against forum rules. The Israel-Palestine discussion is doomed to be a toxic hotbed. The hiding nerfs under bug fixes is just straight up a conspiracy theory.

Omg. I can not with some of those titles. The one with orisa. :joy:
The one about a Palestinian flag. What?:joy:
Bikini mercy? :joy:

Very rarely will this be said. But thank you overwatch forums. This just made my day.

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Uh, I didn’t know you got notified if someone linked your post somewhere

I’d very much like Mercy in a bikini.

That Orisa title omg lololol I love the forums sometimes!

While I don’t take fault in them doing it, I don’t blame the devs at all for locking my post because even though I tried to prevent it, other people couldn’t help but turn that convo toxic.