How did Rialto ever make it past playtesting

Rialto, Lunar Colony and Blizzworld are equally bad in my humble opinion.

whatever they changed after the game when live they need to change back, it’s been misstep after misstep.

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you must not have played it more than a handful of times if that is the case.

Except that last point defense is worse, being only just around the corner.

Its also got the most spawn doors Ive seen in my life

For the past week, attackers have won 49.97%.


That’s pretty much perfectly balanced, then. I didn’t think speeding up the cart would make a whopping 8% difference in win rate, but here we are.


the only change to rialto that i know of is the payload’s speed. was that all that took to make the map more balanced?


The magic of people that actually know what they do, and then the programmer-wannabes come and complain about how oblivious the devs are…


Wow, nice! Interesting to know that such a small change can make an 8% difference in winrate.


They also changed how much time the cart spends stopped at checkpoints.


Wow, that’s such a big difference with so small a change. It’s amazing how big changes can come from taking a scalpel to balance.


They also reduced the time it stalled at each checkpoint.

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proof? im not buyin it

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Uhh, they have internal statistics?

They literally keep track of what percentage of rounds are won by attackers.

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Rialto may be bad, but have you heard of Horizon Lunar Colony?
Entire second point is larger than my love for chili’s, favoring defenders by giving them a wall behind the point, and only 4 flanks, with one letting you be visible to anyone on the point before you drop down, another letting you be visible thanks to the transparent wall (the one beside the health pack), one being a massive door (main one), and the other one being a small room which would let you be seen thanks to the transparent wall anyway.

Eichenwalde: Attack 46.13%, Defense 53.87%

do you mind that? should all maps be balanced 49-ish%?

the truth can easily be stretched if only one party has access to the info. i bet they’re talking about quick play stats, they’ve done it before

What proof do you want? Spreadsheets? I mean, if you’re not believing the word of one of the head developers then why would you believe any “proof” he provides?

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um because people lie and numbers don’t?