What's up with Rialto?

Like is it even possible to get past the first point??? It’s been out for more than half a year and I’ve seen the last 2 points maybe 13 times out of the hundreds of times I have played it. The devs have win percentages for attacks and defenders for each map right? Can one of them double check it is the 50/50 odds they want it to be? It certaintly dosent feel that way.

Never. Go. Middle. When on attack coming out of spawn. Flank left, take the high ground, flank right, push behind them, remove the terrible middle choke from the equation

Last time they said something it was something like 60/40 for the defender which is why they increased the payload speed when I remember correctly.

Didn’t they say they are making changes to it? It was still long time since it was said though.

They made changes because the map, especially the last point, favored the defenders heavily.

IIRC they sped up the payload a bit in that map to compensate. It’s already live. O_o

I don’t remember such thing and I expected actual map changes.

While previously it was off of that, after the tweaks it ended up as this, and has most likely stayed around this

stop playing symm and mei? XDDDDDDDD