How did Rialto ever make it past playtesting

Rialto is awesome. I like playing on it from both the defensive and offensive side. The last point is a little hard to take but nothing a little tweaking can’t fix and I don’t think it’s a huge problem. At least you don’t have to worry about snowballing.


Rialto has two hard stops at the start and at the end.

The bridge at the start is a pain in the butt. Most of the time you spend a minute shooting from your spawn until you get enough ult charge to get past the first corner. That bridge is a death trap, since nobody seems to know how to swim. This is compounded with how much you see Doomfist, Brigitte, and Lucio on this map.

The other hard start is at the very end after you enter the building. If you lose access to the payload there, this is basically a Hanamura trap. The enemy spawn is very close, and the choke is very small. Even zoning ultimates have trouble here since there are a lot of walls and hallways.

the main problem with this map is it is “new” still. people still dont know proper comps on it. to be honest though, the first point is very favorable to a pharmercy. there is a lot of high cover for pharah to dip and poke around. on top of that, there is 3 flank routes for the attacking team to choose from. also, how many maps are there where the attacking team spawn on the high ground? the map isnt bad, i enjoy playing it.

I’ve pushed it to the end many times in comp same enemy teams. I’ve had 4 round games on Rialto many times too

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I really like Rialot, but the tiny bridge is tiny.

You actually think blizzard listens to feedback?

Rialto is… yeah it’s kinda sh!t. I wouldn’t say that it’s the worst map, worst map has to be Horizon Lunar Colony, but there’re are quite a number of problems with Rialto.
First point is disgustingly hard to attack, several times I’ve held the payload just at the first corner and/or plaza. It’s far too easy on defenders. Attackers have next to no access to better or even remotely good positioning here. Second stretch is just so awkward because it’s far too short and the area next to the sea is so narrow so tanks have a weird time creating space there. Last point is also too short along with nearly zero ways to position yourself, very lazy.

Tbh I think the biggest issue for attackers on that map is 2nd point at the corner. That spot can be absolutely awful especially against snipers.

Comp is different, though. And that’s where it counts.

See it often, actually.

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Lunar Colony is way worse. IMO

Just use right side passage. Overwatch is out few years now, you should know that you don’t go where the enemy expects you

I like Rialto. It’s one of my favorite maps.

Really? It’s not the map then.

I love Rialto, it’s the second best map in the game imho.

Could you possibly provide details on average scoring? Is the problem with the third point or the first? For example, say on average the map ends in a score of 3-2, that would point that the third point is the more problematic and in need of changes compared to the others.

I think it has such a low win rate because there are some minor physical flaws to the map myself. Mainly because the map favors the defenders MORE. To me, the map feels small. In essence the attackers cannot gain enough momentum. to break through.

If you stop and look at this way. The attackers have very little space to exit from. They have the Main front door, The Left side door, The balcony exits, and then the side door which goes to an already guarded bridge.

From the Defenders standpoint. They can essentially “Surround” the place. Like a SWAT team would. Charlie side, Bakers side, Alpha and bravo sides. As well as “The fatal funnel”. (I have a close friends former father, whom was on a SWAT team, R.I.P. ) the tactical disadvantage to the attackers is EXTREMELY great. This means that getting out of spawn and past the first point is really difficult.

Then if they do manage to get going. The odds quickly tip into favor of the Attackers from point B to C and the defenders hit these same types of “hang ups” that the attackers had.

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“In the past week”

Ugh that is how many games?..and the fact I don’t believe we are talking just the past week

Bottom right door. Turn right out of spawn. Get entire team to use right bridge where no one can get booped because of indestructible handrails. Now you’re all behind the enemy team, hopefully where their healers are, and you can kill them and bust the bridge defense. Then push payload.

No one does this, but I always convince my team to, and we always push to the end as a result.

Main bridge is suicide, adapt.

lol, This map is great! seriously people… Situational awareness will take you far in this game!

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Rialto, Lunar Colony and Blizzworld are equally bad in my humble opinion.

whatever they changed after the game when live they need to change back, it’s been misstep after misstep.

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you must not have played it more than a handful of times if that is the case.