How did Rialto ever make it past playtesting

Funny how I tell people (when I attack on Rialto) that utilizing the pirate ship (at least for the first part) is the smartest thing to do on that map, but no one likes to adapt.
I love Rialto, both the aesthetic and structural designs. They incorporate good flanks (for them nice support picks and counter-boopage), great coverage, and all the while being (to me) the best feeling and looking map.

It also feels good while defending or attacking, because I don’t feel pressed to check my rear every 5 seconds for a Tracer-loving bumtucker on defense, and on attack I feel like I’m progressing better (with the slim aesthetic being kind of…comfy) with the structure being so tight, allowing me complete-ish freedom as a Lucio ‘main’, a feeling I don’t get with most-if-not-all maps that aren’t KoTh maps.
So, to me? The map’s one of the best designed since release, with Eichenwalde being one of the other top-hoarders.

of course not, and that’s exactly my point. if only one entity has access to the data then they can manipulate it how they see fit, by omitting data or only presenting certain facts

a while back they gave the win rates for every hero, but they only used quick play. the variables are different in qp vs ranked and by not showing ranked stats they aren’t painting the whole picture

So without proof, your claims hold no weight considering they are based on assumptions.

This is what I mean. Can you provide a source for this please?

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No its literally a fact that only bliz has access to certain info, and that’s exactly my point. No assumptions, just a plain old fact. IF I had access to the stats then we could compare them to what the devs are saying, but since they don’t release them we can only assume that they are telling the truth

Yea I’ll have to go back into the old posts and find them so give me some time, but feel free to look yourself. This is the internet after all

Obviously, they have stats that we don’t. That’s a given.
But your claim is that they are deliberately misrepresenting said stats to manipulate us. I just want you to provide a source for a situation where this has undoubtedly occurred.

Hey what about the last month? or the last 2 months? rialto has been here awhile.

taking winrate from only this week isn’t exactly great info to give us.

Also, will you guys ever give us a way to check on stats on overall on our own?

( also could we make torbjorn’s turret golden already when he has his golden gun equipped since it now has a giant laser when its attacking? pl0x and th0nx. )

No my claim is that they COULD be misrepresenting stats, and we can’t be sure they aren’t unless they release the stats. You can’t rest your faith in a truth that only one person knows, because that one person COULD be lying

-is that qp?
-is that ranked?
-is that a combination?

we don’t know because they don’t tell us. that is my point.

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how do attackers win? Both teams get to attack.

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Shh they want you to forget that.

Yes, of course they are.

Attackers don’t “win” in Competitive.

Attackers win by getting the payload to the end :slight_smile:


So what you are telling me, is that you are going to buff my boy Bastion?

Mate the reason they only have statistics for the last week is because they only just changed the map this last week to make it more balanced. Including previous weeks’ statistics would be idiotic as it would be missing the point of giving us statistics of how the map is now, not before the changes.

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itd still be nice to have it overall as we have no real official way of checking.

unless you trust that overbuff are still properly getting all the info they need.

idk it just seems like we lack access to the raw stats.

Where’d you get that ?

Though honestly I personally do mind that ,they shouldn’t really change the entire map, just some small changes like they did to rialto.

they posted stats last year, for each map that was out at the time.

i disagree that they should change it, in a competitive setting you both get a turn and in quickplay it doesn’t matter anyway. not with such a small difference.

something of a conspiracy theorist ain’t ya?

did you know that the earth is flat because of vaccinations? it’s true, but they won’t tell you that.

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