🛰 Goodman talks about Nerfs and Buffs (Updated with New Video(s) about this Topic. Ironic?)

This makes no sense.

Overwatch is the most popular and most played game on earth. It has 40 million active players, way more popular than smaller games like Fortnite and League of Legends.

If a tiny game like LoL can have role queues, surely a massively popular and not in decline game with MASSIVE userbase like Overatch will have absolutely NO issues either.


that literally makes no sense, despite what you may think decreasing his projectile size makes him LESS skilled rather then higher skilled


but overwatch isn’t a moba. Moba lets you elect our character then queue with them.
You can’t really do tht n a game all about swapping and counterpicking.


Such is the fact of life I suppose.

Maybe it’s time to do away with hero-switching.


:laughing: I am teasing on that part, but would not be surprised if that happen.

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The armor change I am referring looks like it isn’t going to make this next patch, so it will probably the patch after.

Those particular changes won’t be massive, but right now all “channeled” effects (Zarya, Symmetra, Moira, Winston, etc) are reduced by a flat amount like any other source of damage, but the size of the damage packets is purely based on how fast they tick, even though the tuning of the weapons are done via a general DPS calculation. For example, Winston’s tesla cannon was initially tuned way back when to have a faster update rate because it felt a lot better to use that way. However, currently that also means he does a lot less damage to armor.

We’re getting some new tech which allows us to separate armor reduction amounts for these effects from their update rate. This doesn’t mean we’re going to just go through and buff all of these weapons necessarily but we are going to go through them all and make sure we’re happy with how much damage they are all doing to armored targets.


That is very thoughtful and awesome. Gratzi!


That’s great to hear, and while I disagree mercy doesn’t need changes, I do agree that these character could definitely use these buffs, especially Symmetra


Any chance we get visual updates on hacked enemies in the forseeable future? Healthpacks, turrets and Bob all have the timer skull as an hack indicator but regular enemies dont.


That sounds like a great change. Is the team looking at improving Symmetra, specifically her teleporter? It’s got a bunch of bugs and inconsistencies that really hamper its effectiveness right now. It’s also kind of difficult for a team to use on the fly, since its interact radius is so small.


Doomfish my guy youre on a roll with these dev replies

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Just curious, exactly how fast do they tick?

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Lova ya for the Reaper buff Geoff.

But if Reaper gets nerfed (and it seems like people want that to happen) would you and your team change ShadowStep?

Man… It’s starting to be clear as day that Brig was just a bad designed hero with no forethought.


Yeah Brigitte was a joke since day 1. Amazed at how bliz haven’t trashcanned her yet


->Your Overwatch

Memes aside, why why whyyyy are they considering a buff for Winston? This is SERIOUSLY going to lead to a damage creep considering Winston is fine the way he is.

The most he’d need is maybe a little HP boost to his shield, but that aside I think Winston is fine.


We still may do something with Shadow step in the future, but its not likely to suddenly become something you can do in combat like Tracer’s blink.

It’s meant to be a way to sneak behind enemy lines to drop on them or otherwise ambush them. In the past we’ve buffed it towards further reinforcing this direction like increasing its range and reducing its sound range.


Holy hell can they just say they want Brig to be useless?New patch new Brig nerf,once Goats is dead she’s gone


Because Geoff just said they are still concerned about armor (aka Brig). I mean my God, how broken was Brig that they give her a dozen nerfs, and now buffing more heroes just to counter her? Like you have pointed out, these decisions have unintended consequences.

Geoff is in an endless loop of damage creep and healing creep. He has no idea how to fix it but just adding more damage, adding more healing, adding more damage. Absolutely crazy.


They see nothing wrong with 3-3 and actually suggested a zarya buff. Whoooooaaaa I just got dizzy, oh boy.