Opinion on beam weapons and armor


I think it’s a great idea to change their interactions with armor. Armor is extremely oppressive to character like Symmetra, Moira and Winston. Moira’s ult is so effected by armor it only does, I believe, 40 damage a second on armor.

I dont think anyone is more effected than Moira and any kinda change would be more than welcome in that regard.


Considering Moira is a support, yeah I’m glad she doesn’t melt armor.


exactly, its not like she doesn’t already melt everyone else with her ult anyways getting at times 2-3 kills with it for a “supportive offensive” ult. It’s rather effective for a hybrid ult already


You do realize that this change didn’t help Winston in the slightest… right?


Meanwhile tracer still does 50% less damage to armor.(6 dmg per bullet - 3)

Edit: Hey at least Pulse bomb does 297 damage up from 295. I almost forgot…


Please! We must save Tracer from the oppressive armor, too


They’re talking about the upcoming change to beam weapons that will reduce the impact that armor has on their damage. The devs are working on decoupling weapon tick rate and the damage reduction of armor specifically for beam weapons.


got a link? I thought he was talking about the max damage reduction from armor being reduced from 5 to 3.


nah, there was a recent change thing in a video talking about a future change that will change how beam weapons work on armor with tickrate.


It’s unclear if they are implementing said changes or just the tech to make them.

I’m not a fan of the idea of changing it that way though.

Armor’s effectiveness against those type of abilities was known from the start. It’s not some surprise that it goes that way.

Those abilities all get to ignore defense matrix.

I don’t feel the interaction of those abilities with armor should be altered unless they plan on entirely changing the way armor functions to the point that it is effective against other things instead. Armor should either be stopping little stuff or big stuff. Having it arbitrarily hit some stuff and not others for no reason is just plain silly.

I’m also opposed to the latest armor change. Tanks being tanky in my view isn’t necessarily bad, it’s when they step into being DPS that you have a problem.


Yeah woo that 50 damage per second sure is melting.


And Bastion gets hit twice with armor nerfs. It feels like he gets the shaft with every other update and people just don’t really think it’s a big deal until there’s like 5 unintentional nerfs. Ironclad nerfed tankmode which it wasn’t intended to do (so unintentional) armor is less effective (unintentional/they didn’t care), armor is even less effective again (beam weapons vs armor, also unintentional/they didn’t care). When does it end? When are these nerfs too many?


And headshots do 28.7% more damage.


If you think bastion is bad, just wait til you realize that they keep buffing DPS characters for more damage output (rather than nerfing healing slightly) causing reinhardt to become much harder to play because the 2000 life shield which used to last ~6-12 seconds only lasts 3-7 now. Shield drops and you just melt even with healing.