And you guys want to buff winston?


blizzard said that they want to buff winston dmg against armor… with the objetive to counter the goats…

but now you guys can see on the owl how winston is a variation of goats… winston + dva + zarya and 3 supports…

i hope that winston dont get any buff because this change only will affect heros like orisa.


Buff everybody! Nobody dies, nobody lives! No wins, no loses, just feelgoods all around.


It would help winston when going against brigs and reins which is a +


then the meta will change to winston + dva + zarya and triple suppport… this change will not nerf the goasts


It’s fine. You’re exaggerating.

Almost everyone got a damage buff from the armor nerfs. Winston’s DPS vs armor is still halved to 30 and he’s squishier from the nerf.
They might increase his DPS vs armor to 40 or 45 idk but it’s not going to make him any stronger for it to be a problem.


I never wanted them to buff beams against armor.
Heck, I don’t even want buffs anymore. I think this game needs nerfs more than buffs.


Considering that Winston is already run a fair bit over Rein in what would otherwise be the exact same Goats comp, buffing him would literally change nothing.


I actually think that Winston is really balanced, I wouldn’t really buff him.

However, certain tanks are just too strong when combined and force a mirror match- which is horrid design.


Winston is only run to make sure that there’s no DPS. Once the other team runs standard goats, the Winston goes Rein.


But it do tho? Winston is able to deal good damage to a large amount of targets when they are ground up which with goats they usually are and he will better be able to deal with armor.

Tbh an aoe damage hero would be good against goats cause it would negate the heal over time from lucio and brig.


Winston dive should beat Winston goats, and doesn’t partly because of Brig armor. This change is welcome and needed.

Brig does need a rework but I’m not holding my breath.


Winston is also a part of dive??

tbh I hope a new meta comes around that counters goats but is countered in turn by dive, so we have a trifecta of metas


on someway briggite needs rework
but also the flankers should be worse against tanks and snipers should be worse on close range…

this game needs stop with the multirole heros


IKR? It’s like we all just forgot what happened last time we buffed Winston.


No they didn’t. :roll_eyes:



they already said that they want do this change.


Why didn’t you complain when Moira, Soldier, Rein- almost everyone got a damage buff against armor in the last patch (but Winston didn’t)?
Why single out Winston when he will be getting his fair share?


He used Winston as an example and by the sounds of it, he doesn’t want to straight up buff “beam heroes”, just re-evaluate how much damage they should be doing to armored targets.

The math behind the damage is too sloppy so they want to straighten it out. Winston may walk away doing roughly the same damage where as maybe Symmetra herself would get a buff against armor. We should wait to see what direction they decide to take Winston/Symmetra/Zarya before getting hyped up that they’ll all get some damage buff. :slight_smile:


^Finally someone who takes the time to read and doesn’t jump to"hurr Durr WiNsToN bUfFs"