Connection issues - 07/09/18 9 PM PST

Okay for my first time EVER. I got booted from a game with a LC-202 & after doing all the resets a BC-101. I did my network check all good to go. Then I goto twitter and see maintenance. So how do I fix this ? is this a company issues at larger ? and why am I being penalized SR and a hard earned endorsement level due to a issues out of the players hands ? You guys never compensate us for your mishaps when they sporadically pop up few and far in between

Please hang tight, Blizzard is now actively investigating the increased reports of disconnections.

Edit: We’ve determined that this does not appear to be DDoS Related as initially assumed. We’re still investigating. Thread title has been updated.


Hey there all,

Thanks for reaching out about this. We’re currently investigating widespread disconnections caused by a DDoS attack on nearby network providers. This should primarily be affecting EU and console players.

Our network team is on it and reaching out to the impacted ISPs. It’s affecting a large portion of our userbase. I’ll update this thread as we know more. Please keep in mind that customer support cannot remove leaver penalties or reimburse ranking or endorsement level when this sort of thing happens. You can read over this thread for more information on that.

For now, we recommend against playing matches which result in leaver penalties until we know the problems are resolved.

Can we use the American servers and keep playing?

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Note, American servers work people in Europe, try using those, or Asian servers, they should work


One more note, you have to log in into the American servers. <3 again, Star

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