Competitive Season 26 Extension

A technical issue arose with today’s rollout of Season 27 of Competitive Play. Our team tested a number of fixes, but in the interest of time and allowing players to get back into Competitive Play, we have made the choice to the extend Season 26 a few days while we continue to identify the cause of this issue and work on a fix.

Season 27 is now anticipated to begin next Tuesday. In the interim, you can continue to play games attributed to Season 26. Since this is a bit out of the ordinary, there are some known issues we’d like to note up front:

  • The season will be tagged with “Season ends in less than a minute” – We anticipate that Season 27 will begin around 11:00 AM PST on Tuesday, March 9
  • The leaderboard will be re-enabled and will reflect changes in ranks as if Season 26 never ended
  • Players who climb ranks during this extension will be eligible to receive non-consumable rewards (i.e. sprays), but will not receive additional competitive credits based on their updated placement
  • Those who already received their Top 500 rewards at the scheduled end of the season will not receive additional rewards for reaching Top 500 at the updated end of the season
  • Those who have not logged into and received their Season 26 rewards receive their rewards at the updated end of the season next Tuesday

We appreciate your patience!

EDIT: Additional Notes and Context:

  • Your end-of-season SR will be the value reached at the updated end of Season 26 next Tuesday, i.e. there are no SR reversions
  • If you did not receive your Competitive Points when loading into the game after the original end of Season 26, you’ll receive your rewards next Tuesday when the extended season ends
  • To clarify questions surrounding Top 500 rewards and the extension of the season: If you were within Top 500 and already received your rewards, you will keep those rewards. Those who were not able to claim their rewards between the original end of season and extension will need to maintain Top 500 through the end of the extension in order to receive Top 500 rewards on Tuesday when Season 26 comes to an end
  • If you did not place during Season 26 and you place during the extension you will be eligible for end-of-season rewards
  • You will keep the Competitive Points earned from wins throughout the extension

Thanks for the big update guys! What time you guys expect to get s26 back up?

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Time to get back to the grind!

The mode is now back online!


You literally had one job, the same thing since season 2 …


Will I keep my gained (or lost) SR at the end of this season extension, or will it revert to my recorded SR at the end of the season when I logged in for my competitive points?

(edited for clarifying)


Do i really have to play 25 games now to get in the top500 list again??!!

If you earned a Top 500 placement already, you keep that.

Its that more people can now reach Top 500.

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I never got any Competitive Points when I loaded in after the season ended, any way I can fix this?

If you didn’t log in between the expected end of Season 26 and it being re-enabled, you’ll receive your rewards on Tuesday when Season 27 begins! Sorry for the wait.


To clarify, if I ended in top 500 but fall out of it during the extension, will I still receive the top 500 rewards?

And will the leaderboard shown after the season is over reflect the top 500 from before or after the extension?


I logged on when the season was meant to end yet I was not given any Competitive Points.

First few games after competitive went live and they are all wins :rofl:
I need a friend pls help, I spend too much time into competitive :eyes:

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If i already received purple points, will i receive more once the new season starts? Please I hope so lol.


Oh you mean that one smurf can get 6 more accounts into top 500 :slight_smile:


Can we get a better clarification on top 500? One of my accounts was top 500 and now other people with the same SR have replaced me? Do I need to go play more or what?


I’d like to know this too. Haven’t had the chance to log on today, so I’m probably not getting the rewards untill Tuesday. :disappointed:
But if I get bumped off the leaderboard between now and then, will the initial cutoff date still stand? Or will I not get the Top 500 spray/player icon??

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I was about to get master (high season 26 was 3.4k). If I get master before tuesday, it’ll count? Thanks.

We have a bug, wait ~a week, so we can fix it. Thanks for patience.

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I didn’t get round to doing my DPS placements this season. If I do them this weekend will I get the participation reward gold gun points when the season ends?