Cole Cassidy….. I Love It!

Nothing quite so complicated.

Names were able to be submitted by the entirety of the team, expectations around community thoughts were communicated, the narrative team and Team 4 leads narrowed it down to a few candidates. After that we had to check with Legal, regional teams (for any unintended cultural significances), and other business partners within the organization.


That would be kinda funny

So is the story retconned so that the name was always Cole, or is it that McCree changed his name for some story reason?

I’m ecstatic because I have even more reasons to make fun of McCree mains now. :cowboy_hat_face:


Very historical…

Okay so onto the new CHANGE for the game.

Time to fix Widowmaker and Tracer again. She does need a shirt-top for that jumpsuit and the poor gal needs a back brace too. I can’t imagine the pain her back has. :slightly_frowning_face:

He assumed his true identity with this announcement.


Seems like Cole Cassidy abandoned his name when he was young, and took up the name Jesse McCree. Now that he’s trying to redeem himself, he’s dropping the name he used as a criminal and going back to his birth name.


Thank you for responding to my post and letting us know on the Change. Do you think you will do youtube posts like Jeff use to do?

“The Jeff From the Overwatch team”. :sunglasses:

Thank you for posting!!


So he was still going by a fake identity in earlier stuff but now he’s assumed his real identity and stopped running from himself?


I really dig the name and I’ll be using his name too.

sombra was right! she knows everything…

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I guess he will move up a bit in the hero gallery now.

I mean didn’t they have a set of voice lines that already questioned the authenticity of his assumed name?

I think McCree was just an alias, most likely given when he was in Blackwatch.

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this is gonna redefine getting Cole for x-mas if your a bad girl…

Good news for Ashe X3 (or maybe not they seam to have a on and off relationship… with her pissed of at him half the time that joke can go either way… sarcasm or a bit or sweet romance…)


Yeah. A removed voiceline from Sombra actually questioned him about it.

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It’s gonna take some time getting used to saying cole or Cassidy for me though, after playing since launch McCree is all I know.

So it was a cole-ective decision?

Nice cole-aberation.


I’m pretty sure it would predate Blackwatch. I hadn’t read the Deadlock Rebels novel yet but I believe he still introduces himself as McCree in that.

I mean he used McCree as an alias.


Take my like and go think about what you just did.