Brigitte Main that wants her to be fun again

we have 3 and 1/2 main tanks, sigma is a knock off main tank turned off tank. Which stage of double barrier are you talking about? Sigmas barrier isnt that bad and he is a really good solo carry tank right now in low-mid ranks


The way I see it

  1. Gut the AntiDive Peel on Mei/Brig
    • Or make them into OffTanks
  2. Gut the Peel/SelfPeel on Orisa/Sigma
  3. Crank Barriers back up to their 2019 levels

Which would make it so that DoubleAnchorTank is just begging to get your teeth kicked in by Dive or Rush comps.

sounds good just tell papa jeff

Well, I do post on here often enough.

so tell me how you go to papa jeff, whats the secret??? Can you get a buff on genji?

Tons of posts, a background in FPS server code design, spamming emojis :white_check_mark:, and trying to fit whatever solution you got into the current trends of upcoming changes.

Dunno, seems to work okay.

The analogy I use is that if a boulder is rolling down a hill. It’s a lot easier to nudge it to the left or the right, than to get it to go back up the hill.

So I usually focus on “providing a solution to where devs were already headed”

Or they could have made the heros that are strong against shields more viable in more situations (Symm, Bastion, etc.).

The fact that shield busters like Symmetra and Bastion weren’t seen in double barrier is telling. So Mei and Brig were just the scapegoats.

But whatever the situation was, the whole point of the thread is to make Brigitte more FUN again, not about balance or the “meta”.

Doesn’t work, because that just cuts through SingleBarrier like butter.

The trick is how to discourage DoubleBarrier, while encouraging SingleBarrier.

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Not really my point, but okay.

Rp is 30m now. Make it 15m and give her back her 50 hp so she has to be upfront to brawl and to heal


I think she needs something better on E too. 20 armor is not a bad idea. She’s not as weak as you think she is though

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I very much agree with making some big changes to Repair Pack. I personally think that the ability in its current form is one of Brig’s biggest problems right now. For one thing, its range is way too long. It feels really out-of-place in relation to her overall design, but somehow everything else has been trying to balance around it, instead of the other way around.

I even sat down recently and tried to figure out how to address as many of the ability’s problems as I could think of, coming up with a rough idea of a rework: My take on a Brigitte (Repair Pack) rework idea

So you have a contribution being one of the people who sent Mei to compete with Bastion in terms of worst characters in the game? By asking for a sledgehammer on her on multiple posts on every aspect of her kit? And you didn’t ask any compensation along with those overkill nerfs? But why? this is so sad…

Oh gotcha. I actually didn’t know the range rn. But I agree, tone down the range and give her back some HP and some shield so that she can actually brawl again.

Because I thought it would be possible to make it so Mei fell out of high tier meta, but was still decent at midtier and low tier. All while maintaining the core of her playstyle.

I was wrong.

OWL has a death grip on Mei, even in her heavily nerfed status, she’s still got a decent pickrate in OWL.

So now I’m convinced the only way Mei is getting out of this, is if OWL can’t use her as the equivalent of a “Third Tank”.

I don’t mind shifting her from relying so much on CC. but giving her 8 straight nerfs on every aspect of her kit with 0 compensation on top of it really destroys the character. She is a throwpick right now and can’t fulfill her job as a dps, a worse McCree

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Tbh, she’s never gonna get buffs as a DPS, but she could easily be a Roadhog style Tank.

I don’t see why she can’t get buffs as a dps? Just make her alternate fire feel better to use aka reduce the cast time, look on her current ammo consumption on primary aka make it a little more forgiving, revert the cryo nerf and she’d be fine again. They won’t rework her as a tank in the following months, so she needs to have some damage power in her kit if she lost all the cc she had

Because devs don’t want her to function as a “Third Tank” in OWL.

And there isn’t much you can do to stop that besides redesigning the entire character from scratch.

sorry to break it to you but A brig isnt uber trash atm she’s just kinda meh and B none of the buffs you mentioned wouldn’t make her op