⬲ Get Ready for the Sniper Meta! ⟴

You may wonder why on earth I would think that a sniper meta might be coming. I understand your confusion. Frankly, it depends on future balance changes. So let’s look at what Geoff Goodman said today about what’s coming down the pipeline.

So first of all, Brigitte is supposed to weaken dive. If Reaper and Mei are buffed like Geoff is talking about, that will help too. Reaper counters Winston, and Mei counters D.Va. All three of those characters are weak to snipers though. Then if Hanzo’s rework is successful, and if Widow remains as dominant in OWL as she is now, we could very well see a sniper meta start to evolve for attacks.

Edit: For those that think that main tank shields will make a comeback to prevent this, just think what happens to people grouped behind a shield when they get hit with a Zarya Grav and Hanzo Ult.

So what do you think? Is it plausible? How would you feel about it if it happened?

P.S. If this happens a season or two from now I’m making a post titled “I called it!”


Not happening. There’s no way the meta would favor snipers over the other hitscans on 90% of maps.


Not too sure Snipers would go over very well if we revert to a shield-centric deathball meta.


3 Sup meta
(20 char)

On the contrary.
If dive goes away and we start seeing a more static shield comp, Widow is
going to have a hard time shooting at all the shields.

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It’s funny because snipers are good against Reaper, Mei, and Brigitte. Those 3 are good against dive. And dive is good against snipers.

Throw a Sombra in there or pair Hanzo’s ult with Zarya’s grav which is highly effective against a shield ball. Or flank with team as widow stays way back aiming down the main ally.

Snipers are good against those, but they aren’t good against the Rein and Orisa that they will likely be paired with if that becomes a thing.

You’ll basically be trying to chunk away shields to open them up before you get slowly mauled on the point.

Edit: This is assuming we end up in a shield-centric tank Meta with Brigitte.

Edit 2: If we do end up with something like that, Bastion might appear slightly more frequently to bust it up.

geoff did say that they’re looking into Reaper and Mei buffs, so I think it may mitigate the problem.

In addition, you don’t go snipers on full tanks.

You’re basically saying that adding a support with a shield that gives armor to people will create a sniper meta? I must be losing something here

You are. You apparently neglected to read half the post before commenting.

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Even then, considering that during the tank meta, we still had tanks against tanks rather than snipers. Its not really gonna helped.

Like, you’re describing one good scenario. What could also happen is that the entire tank teams just ignores the snipers and they can just bull the point.

Then, the snipers are going to be either forced to the point or you’re gonna face a 6 v 4 scenario. And most of the time, the six are gonna win a lot more.

I misread a part.
I understand your thought process, but I think Widow is already very meta.
Dive with Widow + Tracer is probable the most versatile strat in the game right now.

More like poke meta if it would ever happen.

How is Hanzo going to reliably build his ult if shields are up?

The Zarya thing will come down to who farms it up, and then they’ll trade them out to see who gets more value on it. 'Cause it’s too strong against clumped teams to go without most of the time. So, I can see her being used, but I don’t see how Hanzo fits in, even though shooting a Dragon into a grav is definitely a strong combo.

Hanzo can actually be played as an opportunistic flanker in some places because of his wall climb as is. Or he can use it to poke from on top of walls and drop back if he’s in danger. I would often use an elevated path to slip behind a shield and scatter someone.

He may lose scatter, but he’s supposed to gain leap which would lower the risk of doing it. Using this technique to slip behind and poke or getting early picks can be quite effective and will help him build ult. The team can’t reposition themselves to prevent it without opening themselves up to a Widowmaker.

Hanzo actually builds ult pretty quickly. Normally if I’m playing Hanzo with a Zarya on my team, I use my first one as soon as I get it and will build the second one about the same time she does.

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I like the sound of it, at least. I’d prefer that in the mix to at least offer variety. As much as I like the sound of dive dying out, I don’t want everything to be reduced to painful and slow slugfests. +1

Yeah. It would be nice to have that kind of variety. Btw it wouldn’t be a 4v6 fight on point either. Hanzo is good at medium range like McCree.

The irony though is that dive would be the cure for sniper meta so it could be that the game devolves into Rock Paper Scissors comp cycling or it could be that dive stays because it performs reasonably well in all situations instead of getting steamrolled by one comp or another. It may not always be the best, but dive will never be the worst.

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Even with Hanzo on point, that’s still a 6 v 5 scenario and tanks can certainly take more damage than Hanzo dishing it out. Not to mention at that close range, Tanks large health pool is much stronger barring Hanzo or Widow taking out the Moira/Lucio/Brigitte.

Dive countering sniper isn’t ironic as right now, Dive counters almost everything if the team is good and coordinated enough. That’s why its so darn strong.

First, if widow is doing her job it will be 5v5 at best. Second, snipers are actually quite good against main tanks when they are being aggressive instead of shielding like they do when your fighting on point. Right now Hanzo can kill every one of them in 2 shots or less with scatter. Once scatter is removed, we will see how he does. Widow can kill some in 2 shots others require a third shot that can be a body shot.

For example, as a Hanzo main I love when D.Va dives me most of the time. Unless she uses both rockets and defense matrix at the same time, I can demech her before she kills me. And usually she’s already used one of those before she charges just to get close enough to finish with boosters.

All that being said. I agree dive is extremely strong.

That’s assuming the enemy team lets it happen, most of the time, D.Va will be matrixing the team and that’s when the most aggressive push happens. Not to mention Hanzo on point will get targeted hard as it gives them so much value, cause it won’t be just one hero but 2-3 heroes who focus fire on one person.

As it is, I’m very doubtful that snipers meta will happen. Let alone against quad tank comp.