Brigitte Gameplay Q&A with Geoff Goodman

How will Brigitte affect new support hero development going forward? Considering she is a support/tank hybrid, will we see more of these kinds of supports in the future?


Why was the choice made to give Brigitte such low damage when she’s intended to be part of the frontline brawl and hitting people as often as possible? Is it to nerf her killing potential to fall in line with the “She’s a Support” argument, or is it to maximize her healing potential with more swings per target?

On the flip side of that, why is her healing from her passive so low and why can it not stack? Granted she has the armor pack, but it doesn’t have a lot of team sustainability. Does the team think that the current selection of main healers is enough or is there a deeper reasoning for this?


Is there more lore going to be released around Brigitte or will she like most characters now be left in the dust.


How do you plan to make brigitte viable in this current dive meta?


Symmetra Torbjörn and Brigitte can give a whole team 300 extra hp, isn’t that a bit overkill?


Thanks for this Q&A.

Which hero does Brigitte synergize best with, and which hero is a hard counter to her?

Which map do you think she is best on, and which map do you think she is weakest on?



What hard/soft counters her and how effective is she as a solo healer?


How do you plan on changing how Torbjorn’s armor and Symmetra’s Shields work in tandem with Brigitte’s semi-permanent Rally?

  • Zenyatta, D.Va, Winston, and Tracer dominate the pro scene. Why haven’t you tried touching them in minor ways, like nerfing Zen’s alternate fire or nerfing Tracer’s ult charge? Why don’t you find these heroes problematic? Why do you expect a new hero to suddenly warp the meta when these heroes nearly single-handedly prevent a lot of the cast from being viable outside of niche maps and points?

  • Doesn’t adding a deathball-favored support further intrudes on Ana’s original purpose of “deathball support”? What’s Ana’s role now? Do you have anything to help her?

  • Are we going to see more “mini nerfs” and “mini buffs” in the future to round out the cast after this, and should we expect a heavier focus on balance soon?


What was the driving point for creating Brigitte? Was it just to compensate for the lack of a healers or tanks in the teams when no one wants to play those classes?


where is Jetpack Cat


When designing game mechanics do you consider both parts of the interaction between players? Why does most defense heroes abilities lack the interaction on the recieving end? Thanks

Reinhardt’s and Brigitte’s shield work slight different in terms when and how they regenerate

Any reason for that will that be streamlined at some point? So that similar abilities actually follow certain kind of rules.


Did you knew that Brigitte was 100% sure going to be next hero when Honor and Glory animated short was released? How long in advance you start planning upcoming heroes?


Where do you think Brigitte will fall on the pro play spectrum? Specifically, do you think she’ll be played at all, a decent amount, or very much when people get used to her?


Generally, how much do you take into account how similar parts of a new hero’s kit is to already-existing heroes’? Brigitte’s healing aura seems similar in concept to Lucio’s and her shield is clearly borrowed from Reinhardt, even though each part of the kit has its own twist on it to suit specific situations. When do you say “It’s okay for this overlap to happen” and when do you go “we need a new mechanic for this character” like Sombra’s hack, etc.?


How much of a priority does “fun to play” take in comparison to “fun to play against” when designing a new hero?


Is she going live with a toggle shield option? If not, how soon can we get one??


A lot (and by that I mean most of the forums and Reddit) of people don’t like the idea of having to wait until next season to play Brigitte in comp. Why do you think this should be the case and are you open to changing it?


Will she be able to rotate her screen like Reinhardt when she is holding her barrier? Additionally will she obtain sensitivity change to her Repair pack? (Similar to hack sensitivity, grapple hook, nano boost, etc)