We need a developer AMA

Communication between the community and the developers has gone from occasional to practically non-existent. Some transparency and clarification on a number of current issues would go a long way in restoring the community’s faith and reestablishing rapport between us.

I think we need a developer AMA.

It’d be great as a regular thing, but even one decent reddit AMA or IAmA would be amazing right about now. There are currently a bunch of persistent questions around issues in Overwatch and I’m sure we’d all appreciate more information on things like the heavy Doom nerfs, whether Mercy is going to be relooked, how are the Reaper changes working out, etc.

“But Catflap, this will just turn into mud-slinging savagery!” I hear you cry. Well, in September last year, Blizzard dev Ion Hazzikostas (game director of WoW: Battle for Azeroth) did an AMA that did not devolve into pitchfork wielding and actually grossed a ton of valuable information for the community.

I appreciate the Overwatch developer updates, but they’re few and far between and offer no interaction with the community, something that is clearly becoming a problem. We need something more substantial, and more often.


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we may need it, but does the devs need to be laughed at and unable to answer to us ? Not sure it would be good for them, Activision-blizzard trademark and the opinion of the community.

They have a reason to stay silent, even the smallest they say can quickly become off topic lmao

Only if r/COW hosts and moderates; even the “main” sub probably won’t handle it well. The last one hosted here only worked because it was a specific topic with everything else getting deleted, and even then, the forum software struggled to handle the load- scroll behavior was particularly borked.