Bonus Log-In Rewards through December 1

Starting today, we are offering free rewards for players by logging into Overwatch 2 through the end of the month. Log in on the following dates to collect all three!

  • Log in from November 17 11:00 am PST to November 21 11:00 am PST and get the Sojourn "Optics” Highlight Intro
  • Log in from November 22 11:00 am PST to November 27 11:00 am PST and get the Junker Queen “Five Fingers” Highlight Intro
  • Log in from November 27 11:00 am PST to December 2 11:00 am PST and get the Kiriko “On The Wind” Highlight Intro

Update November 21: We apologize for an error in the dates that we had initially posted. The next two log-in rewards will launch one day later than previously listed and we have updated our times above.


Awesome! Thanks Craig :slight_smile:


Hoping for more events where people can earn things for free outside of the shop and battlepass.

Also hoping those skin events from the past (win x games earn rewards) are still going to be a thing.


There went my legacy credits……

(Kirikos can be bought right now)


Wow a highlight intro for kiriko, surely she will get potg over the sojourn on her team


Are you sure you bought this one? for me it says it’ll be from a promotion and the unlock button isn’t active


Yup…the one with the paper?

Think it was 700

I asked here earlier what I got when I launched and when people said all three new heroes got intros I checked all three…I could buy hers but for whatever reason JQ was not for sale

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I also bought this for 700 coins without knowing it would be a promo gift eventually. Yay thanks blizz


Just compensation and damage control for the mishaps on Tuesday which screws over the people that spent their legacy credits. Blizzard just can’t do anything right anymore.


For what reasons?

Hey Craig i just want to point out that the new LA Gladiators skin for mercy looks like the normal royal knight skin in first person the red sleeves and the bronze line around the silver part can be visible when you melee or say hello. On the gladiators skin the sleeves are purple and the line around the silver part is black.


out of all of these despite im trash the only one i may be interested in is the kiriko one

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Sweet! Thanks OW team!

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Is this to make up for the fact that countless people never got their rewards for watching the Overwatch League?


I just want the gift


Because “Please oh god please keep logging in”.


One way to remedy this would be a refund system that doesn’t involve contacting Blizzard.

In League of Legends you start off with a number of refund tokens and gain one per year. You can use those tokens to refund any purchase you make quickly and easily from ingame.

I mean are we really being fair? We want more free stuff, and they’re giving it to us. It’s not even gated behind any sort of significant task. Even if you’re too busy to play enough to grind like me, you can at least log in and get this.


maybe instead of giving free stuff only when bad patches go live or when everything is buggy, you might want to do that during events :wink: instead of being greedy :money_mouth_face:


Have they given ANY reason for me to be charitable? No. not in the past 3 years.

It’s nakedly obvious that:

  1. They are desperate for people to maintain active player metrics.
  2. The monetization is not working out as they planned so they cannot let people just slip away and they need to keep people around to see their possible concessions.

And no… I don’t want more “free stuff”. I want the game to be fun and to be able to participate in all of it. This includes the cosmetics. right now I CANNOT without paying exorbitant amounts.

So yes. I’m being perfectly fair. They’ve taken my money for years and USUALLY I felt like it was a reasonable exchange. It’s not anymore and hasn’t been for a while.