Applying update

This has been happening since last night. Try to play comp, Then Get stuck applying update screen. Can y’all stop breaking things


Me too and worse is match gets cancelled and i get punished being suspended for it, its so BS


Same. Happened twice in 2 days. Immediately after getting a match it puts me on an “Applying Update” screen and I can’t do anything but quit and receive a penalty

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Hey there everyone, we have been tracking this issue and working to get it corrected. Apologies for any leaver penalties, but I do have a workaround for the interim. Each time you log onto Overwatch 2, please take a moment to load into the Practice Range. Once you successfully load into the Practice Range, you can leave it and queue for any game mode, but be sure to do this each time you log in to be safe. For more details check out our known issues list in the Bug Report channel.


Any plans to revert the wrongful penalties that this has caused? I never leave games and now, I am suspended for 8 hours.


So will there be compensation for the 8 hour suspension for applying update? Tuesday was the first time it happened i got suspended for 10 minutes. Wednesday it happened again, and i got suspended for an Hour. Thursday played 3 full games no issues. Now it’s Friday and the first game i queue for this bug happens again (for the 3rd time) and now i have a 8 hour suspension. I feel it is unfair to get punishment for this bug. I only found out about the “workaround” 5 mins prior to leaving this reply


Bruh this is soo obnoxious I got suspended. Are you guys going to rectify this? I dont even leave games and this got me suspended!


Actions speak louder than words. Your support said they do not revert leaver penalties. That is NOT okay. You are able to tell whose fault it was that they left


Thank you for working on stuff! :+1:


No, blizzard is still a great gaming company! Why would anyone say otherwise?


Compensation? its a ftp game lol

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Yes the applying update bug is a thing it will say that then not load into the match as well as the game completely freezing and you needing to restart your pc

when frozen in applying update a temp fix is you opening task manager ending process tree and restarting overwatch

I ran into this bug when I was about 40+ wins into my open Q games this season and got kicked out of a comp game w/ penalty. I just got my 50th win in open Q but did not get my top500 rank… Does this mean my 50 win counter is reset so that I have to win another 50 games to get placed in Top 500???.. I’d rather not since GM Q time is like 20 minute a game…

Hey Craig, will leaver penalties and season bans by affected players be reset with the fix?


That’s not good enough when people are getting season bans.


Idk if its listed because I wont bother reading all your issues, but you should fix replays to properly load like back in OW1. Everytime I get a sick play and I wanna rewatch it I’m stuck in map intro screen and I have to restart several times (sometimes even the game) to be able to see it and get rid of the error - something which never happened in OW1.

I’ll save everyone some time. If you respond to the community manager he won’t respond back.


you not bothering to read it ends up in your problem sticking around

I am but another victim this bug and I really don’t understand how this is being brushed off under the rug with “apologies” when people are getting SEASON BANNED or suspended for 8 hours as I was for something completely out of their control.

This is ridiculous. Send it to some YouTuber and get more attention to this absolutely massive issue (it really is), maybe that’ll make them care.

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Finally, this problem has been acknowledged. I’ll wait until an actual fix is out before I get another penalty. :eyes:

Someone in the bug forum sent a ticket to support asking, and the short answer is no. Because the game can’t tell if a person left on purpose or otherwise.