A Month and a Half since Crossplay

Honestly it’s not worth the effort G.

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I might not be.

But what if it is.

Not really seeing anybody taking 5v5 design anywhere near as seriously as I am.

Also I’m most the way done with my design post anyways.

Likely because the 5v5 we know and the 5v5 of the future are likely two completely different 5v5.

We don’t really have info leaking out about it.

The fan workshop version might even be completely wrong.


That, or they do another “reveal” at Gamescom; which would pretty much just be another “redesign(s)” reveal.

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Honestly it’s really that “art of overwatch volume 2” book release, which is supposed to have the OW2 info we are likely looking for.

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Who says I was going off of what we know? This is more meant as a “Hey devs, let me do your job for you” post.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

Yeah… because they totally listen to us. :roll_eyes:

I mean, I figure I got a better shot at that than most people.

Because you talk alot here?

Please… That’s not how reality works.

This could all be deleted next year.

Because there’s a decent track record of “coincidences”.

Again I expect them to start an OW2 forum…

restarting public opinion as this forum is quietly removed

like it has been before.

That is like always the case. No surprises here.

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Imagine a reality that they didn’t leak Junkerqueen and Sojourn’s entire kit…

That level of info is what I am expecting.

hopefully they give us another crossplay content drop… which gives us back the region selector :sunglasses:

Yeah… I don’t think so…

:tired_face: Ikr… no response to us for 4 weeks on that matter.

I’m sad :frowning:

Get over it man.

Honestly I am already making a list of other games I am looking forward to hearing more about.

Currently at the top is: Avowed

aka by the creators of Outer Worlds and Fallout New Vegas.

Aka looks like it’s gonna be their version of Skyrim but not Skyrim but totally Skyrim.

And I could use a better Skyrim right now.

…? Get over playing NA region for 5 years, then being forced to play a region I don’t want to be in? don’t think I will.

This is starting to sound more like a 1st world problem.

And that was just for blizzcon. imagine having to wait another blizzcon just to see (not play) another hero.