1.30 patch now online! (New Hero Ashe) - IMPORTANT PATCHING INFORMATION!

Hello everyone! The 1.30 patch is now online! You can find the patch notes for this new release by clicking here. As previously mentioned by Blizzard this patch will do a full reinstall of the Overwatch game client. As such there are important things you need to be made aware as you work to install this game.



  • This is a very large patch and unless you already have the PTR installed, you will very likely download up to 20 GB of data onto your system. Please keep this in mind if you have a metered internet connection.
  • You do NOT need to uninstall Overwatch prior to installing. The BattleNet App Launcher or your console installer will handle everything. However, if you are a console user and you are encountering “insufficient storage space” errors, you may need to manually uninstall Overwatch in order to make enough room for the new game client.
  • During the installation, you may see your download speed on the installation meter drop all the way to 0/kb for several seconds. If this happens do NOT stop the installation. This happens because the client needs to take the time to actually install and arrange files before it downloads any more. This is normal and your speed should return to normal within a few minutes.
  • If at any time you are having problems installing the new client, please check this starting troubleshooting guide for common steps to resolve most common installation issues.
  • If you have more complicated problems be sure to post in the technical support forum where players like me or Blizzard Support Agents can lend a hand. Remember to provide any error messages or a description of the system behaviors so that we can provide more specific troubleshooting.


  • It is not uncommon for there to be a queue to log onto Overwatch. If this happens, please be patient as it will eventually resolve itself.
  • I strongly recommend avoiding Competitive Play for a little while. It is not uncommon for there to be a rush of players trying to log in, this can cause problems with the game servers or network providers. Leaver Penalties cannot be reversed even in situations like these.
  • If there are any issues affecting multiple players, please don’t shout “BOB, DO SOMETHING!” at your computer, instead be sure to follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for any important alerts or announcements.


UPDATE, Lead Engineer Bill Warnecke has a posted a solution to resolving this symptom.


boi am I glad I have ptr installed it took seconds for this patch to install for me


Indeed. It looks like it did the file conversions right away before it downloaded more content.


AH glad I have the PTR installed I guess.

They may ignore it but at least i can skip all this :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the great post wyomingmyst. I hope everyone enjoys Ashe & BOB!


thanks for the heads up if their is one thing this forums gets right it’s freaking out when ever something happens


Can’t wait to yell at that bot to do something

No problem, given what I learned from last spring with patch 1.21, I wanted to make sure everyone is prepared.


will it fully reinstall on XBox as well, or just Windows/PC?

It should fully reinstall on all platforms.

I don’t have PTR installed but it was only 500mb for me.


any special instructions/advice for us console folks?

Just try to let the updater work like normal, but if you get an error saying not enough room, you may have to manually uninstall Overwatch.

We also initiated a background download (aka prepatch) for this 1.30 update late last week. This prepatch allowed for a smaller update today.



You guys are great !

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Is it me or is there a FPS loading bug when launching the game?

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I am very curious about the changes that were, uhm, infrastructural?

I dont have a good word here

They have been mentioned but with (to the best of my knowledge) no specifics

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oh the doomfist nerf is for later? :disappointed_relieved: he’s still gonna be ruining games until then.

Faster load for no SSD plebs, correction bugs and prepare the game for replay.

…Timepass… Sigh When is Sym gonna get a serious look at during a ptr.

Honestly I can’t tell at all if you take Sym’s development seriously or not.