Bug Report

1.25 Known Issues List (5)
Bug Report Forum Guidelines (1)
Bastion Needs a Nerf (1)
I can't see enemies (2)
[Still in the game] Mei can be pulled out of Cry-Freeze by Roadhog's hook ( 2 3 4 5 ) (84)
Blizzard World, Moira's biotic orb goes through the floor and walls (2)
Endorsement Level went down ( 2 3 4 5 ) (90)
Undestroyable symmetra turrets and shooting throgh walls (1)
Getting blown up by DVA ult behind cover (3)
Elo changes bag (1)
Symmetra's beam doesn't have correct collision (1)
Can't even go in overwatch (4)
Deranking endorsement rank (14)
Sombra Hack bug (1)
Notice a small glitch...Tracer intro screen (1)
Scary Symmetra Turret Bug (1)
Game keeps crashing (1)
Sound Effects Disappearing (3)
Unable to see and hear some capacities (1)
Symmetra Turret Glitch on King's Row (1)
Doomfist dies in His Ult (2)
Watching highlight caused me to join, but also not join my Competitive game (2)
All Genji skins have green effects? (1)
Rezzing a falling hero gets canceled (1)
Golden Weapon Missing? (1)
Doomfist insta death while using ult (3)
Shield Generator Still in Game (4)
Getting hooked through a barrier (1)
A small mistake on the inscription on the lighthouse in ILIOS map (4)
Watchpoint: Gibraltar. Get outside the map glitch (1)