[Main thread] Apple M1 Macs - Unable to see ground effect indicators

all hereos - can’t see the ground effect indicators (yellow circles, arrows, landing spots, etc). seems to be an issue tied to Apple M1 chips - few other posts on reddit have shared this bug)

can see indicators on grates in starting area of towers of doom however - makes me think it might be layering issue.

m1 chip plays this game fantastic outside of this hiccup


Possibly needs to go in bug report as this could be a compatibility issue with the metal code and Apple’s own GPU drivers if it is a wide spread issue on the platform.

Might be worth trying different graphic settings to check if any have an effect on the issue.


Also on an M1 chip. In addition, I can’t see certain abilities like Blaze’s oil spill or Malf’s roots, though there are some particle effects around the blank space.


I have the same issue. Also a Mac Book Air with M1 Chip.
Performance is great but no indicators … and so less playable

hope for an update soon


I want to add that the markers do actually show up but show under the map. I suppose the layers were switched. I found this out by shooting things over a hole. The indicators show up normally but once on map terrain, it is hidden under it.


Same here, can’t see ground effects on my MacBook Pro M1 8GB RAM 512 GB.


+1 macbook air m1 8gb

can’t see some spells, bombs effect, kael thas flamestrike and all ground effects


+1 here Still waiting for fix


Same here would like to see a fix asap


Two patches and no fix for this gamebreaking bug.


Did you try setting shaders and graphics to the lowest setting?

Some of my friends can play on M1 Macs with this, but I do realize it is by no means a “solution”.

Just a temporary and uncomfortable workaround.

+1 macbook pro m1 16gb
can’t see spells, bombs effect, and all ground effects…


+1 Macbook Air 8gb
no ground effects either…

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I have tried this, the indicators still don’t show.


Same problem with Macbook Pro 13" M1.

Example: check this video on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d6qXYjMU8M&t=11m57s

Notice how neither Jaina’s Blizzard nor Nova’s ult have range indicators.

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Bumping this! This has been an issue for so long now. Let me play someone other than Kharazim :’(

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I think one of the reasons this is such a frustrating issue is that it is a blocking issue for play on this hardware, but also seems like Bliz could a implement a relatively simple work around for now. Detect if we are on an M1at launch and then when doing the position calculation for effects just move the z position up slightly. Sure this might look ever so slightly off, but I’d take a visual anomaly over a multi-month blocking bug.


Also having this issue, as well as my wife. Both running 2020 Mac mini’s with M1 chip. Make’s the game very difficult to play despite great graphic performance so far.

When playing heroes of the storm on an M1 Mac, none of the range indicators work. They work fine on my old Intel Mac. Same settings. Oh I did notice that the work in the well though.


I just posted this as well:

Is that the same like your issue?