Locked Skins and Mounts

Hey there everyone!

I wanted to make this sticky post to give the community all the information we currently have regarding the issue players are seeing with mounts and skins being locked out.

First, the beginning. When we released our Hogger patch, a sneaky bug made it’s way in that prevented people from using certain Mounts and Skins.

We’ve since fixed that issue, mostly. Draft game mode (Unranked and Storm League) players are still seeing those same Mounts and Skins locked, preventing you from selecting your Hero of choice.

We are currently investigating that issue now, and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I wanted to take some time to address some concerns.

  1. These items are not removed from your account. That means, things you’ve spent gems, gold, shards, etc on were not taken away. You still own those items, they are just locked from use at the moment in draft modes.

  2. The Pink D.Va Meka Ghost Speeder was unintentionally made accessible to you all as a result of this bug. That item was now properly removed until future times, when it is officially released.

  3. If you are still seeing Mounts or Skins locked in Quickmatch or VS AI game modes, please create a new post with what Skin / Mount and also what game mode you were in that you saw it.

Again, I wanted to apologize for this and let you know we are aware and working hard to find a safe, effective way to fix this as soon as possible! Thanks for the reports, and keep them coming!