Locked Skins and Mounts

Hey I have seen some other posts addressing this but I haven’t seen any fixes. I tried reinstalling Heroes of the Storm but that didn’t seem to work. The skins I know are locked are the prime evil diablo skins, the cloud mount skins, as well as a few others I can’t remember. The games mode are specifically UR and Ranked. I hope someone can help me out with this! Thanks.

You can refer to this pinned post for the most up to date information regarding this issue.

“If you are still seeing Mounts or Skins locked in Quickmatch or VS AI game modes, please create a new post with what Skin / Mount and also what game mode you were in that you saw it.”

Sorry I thought the instructions from this post were to create a new post with effected skins. That was my attempt with this thread.

No worries! Yeah, them being locked in Draft mode games (Unranked, Storm League, or Custom Games with Drafts enabled) is known and I don’t need any more information regarding that interaction.

I’m more concerned if people are still seeing them locked in non-Draft modes only right now.

Oh ok, I think I misunderstood!! Thanks for the quick responses.