D.va Goliath skin lost from possesion

I used to have D.va Goliath skin and for some reason it says i no longer have it in my collection and i dont know why…

I have a similar problem. My Sharkmouth Goliath skin is available for QM again (had been locked after Hogger), but it is still locked for Storm League. Not a big deal, but I would like to use it again sometime :slight_smile:

Thank you for answering, i tried playing ARAM and then i noticed that the skin was not available anymore, then after i tried playing Storm League and also noticed it wasn’t available, haven’t tried QM yet. Yes i agree, i would like to use it again, tbh it’s my best skin for her :stuck_out_tongue:

When is being locked out of your purchases not a big deal? :slight_smile:

Still no answer from blizzard? Can’t anyone answer?

Please refer to the pinned post on this forum regarding this issue.

Also have the same Goliath D. Va issue at Storm League games, seems some new skin appeared to!

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Can we get an update to the pinned post please? its not been updated since the original annoucement, and for instance I can’t use my diablo skins in SL… which has almost kicked me out of draft a couple of times as a result.

Updating regularly would be very useful!