Brawl should have unique heros for all sides

Are you seriously complaint about Brawl being potentially unbalanced? Lmao what?

I beat “op duplicates” many times.
Once I was Zul against two other Zuls and my team won.

I also really miss “10 Hero X” Brawls.

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you ain’t seen nuthin until you’ve seen 3 mephistos oneshot the whole enemy team XD

i also once went against 3 Anubs, they were probably yelling “FOR THE SWARM!”

on a serious note though,
sometimes double picks can be extremely bad,
notably stuff that doesn’t stack, like having 2 Lucios,
you’d think both of them could heal, right? NOPE!
only one of their healing auras will work, and if they both use Amp it Up
at the same time, only one will work,
so you’re pretty much getting 1 healer for the price of 2.

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The correct answer is “2 Judgment Tyraels”.

Just lost to a pure support team. With 3 Decard Cains and an Uther.

How? Well he clearly was never designed to be duplicated. 24/7 root and slow. Late game it hurts as well with each of them managing over 80k hero damage by the end.

Basically imagine if Cain did not need to channel his sleep, or if all his abilities had 0 cast time and very little cooldown. Ouch. They even managed to beat Leoric to a pulp in melee.


The primary intent for Brawl is to be a fun, casual mode where crazy things can happen. While I get how the idea of making Brawl as fair and competitive as possible can be attractive, a lot of methods of doing so would result in changing Brawl from being a fun, casual mode to being something very different, which we have multiple other game modes for.

That doesn’t mean we don’t think it could, of course, use some improvements, but I think approaching it from this lens is a good way for good, productive discussion to be had on how to improve the mode. Keep the ideas coming!


Just for a good laugh. Who has the highest WR in brawls?

Why not? I kinda Brawl like it is, because it’s more fun and wanky and not like ranked.

Sounds awesome to me. Who was the last healer?

GZ with the promotion last month.

Other than my broken record of bring back the PvEs!, only sugestion I’d have right now is allow swaps.

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I agree. Seeing a team with duplicate strong heroes is defeating right at the start. There’s enough heroes in game to not allow duplicates even for important limited roles like tank and healer.

Not just skill but stuff like random counters being on the enemy team (occasionally) and people getting overly confident. It’s still exceptionally hard to win against teams with stacked heroes like Azmo, Chromie and Ming. Their range and power is just insane to the point you would need a very specific comp to stand a change at beating them.

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exactly. stop trying to make brawl into something it’s not. seeing multiples of the same hero on the same team is what makes brawl brawl.


probably Lucio or Stukov,
there are annoying characters like Ming who win a lot of games,
but the quality of the healer is usually what determines a win or a loss,
and Lucio and Stukov are the healing gods of aram.

if one team has a lucio and the other has a deckard/ana/WM or something,
my money is on the lucio team, unless it is so incredibly stacked against him!

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Zuljin by far. Followed by Deckard Cain I think.

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I once fought triple Deathwing as Leoric.

Never before have I felt so powerful as a Leoric.


I hope you didn’t choose tomb as ult.

Entomb is awesome against DW though. It’s one of the few types of “CC” That actually works against him.


Actually, before Deathwing’s last set of nerfs, I would say Deathwing had highest WR by far. (There was a period where I had zero losses on DW in brawl.)

Now I’m not so sure, ZJ is definitely a good candidate though.

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Could there possibly be a “single hero” and “Full random*” hero mode option? If so, that could remove some of the cheesiness for those who don’t want it, while allowing people to also queue for the full mad funhouse mode (and people who don’t mind either can just go in either queue)

*Not including banned heroes… Or maybe including banned heroes if you want to go full wild

tomb makes DW a sad draggo, not only are you melting him with percentage dmg, but also his “unstoppable” status means nothing XD

i’ve been in a similar situation to the guy you responded too,
but i only went against 2 DWs,
but it was still hilariously fun
bullying them with percentage dmg and tomb :smiley: