Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


Well, no. We do not demand her to be free. We just want the second chance to obtain her that will be available for EVERYBODY


I hope people realize that you’ll never get Tyrande, unless maybe it’s new art with her black eyes “avenger” look in current wow.

It’s beyond obvious that Blizzard signed a contract and is not able to sell her. Otherwise she’d be in the store, making them money, and I don’t think Blizzard has shown an aversion to making money. The only hope is that the contract has an expiration date, but it’s been several years now so that’s pretty much not a thing now.


They promised by the end of this year. I’m not counting on it since they lied before, but circumstances have changed. And Blizzard never puts skins in the shop because they don’t make money. Magni, Alleria, and Medivh have historically sold terribly, which is why every hero afterward has a been limited time offer.


I’m just quoting the recent iteration of the most recent doomsayer, because there’s been quite a few, and responding with this:

The follow up answer was:

Just posting those here on this thread, so trolls can see the gold text for themselves.


I am always amazed how this thread is basically immortal and sticks to the top of the forum


Plenty of other heroes available which could be “in the store, making them money.” Anyone can see that standalone heroes don’t make enough money, otherwise we would’ve seen more of them since Alleria/Medivh/Magni were introduced.


I think they made enough money, based off the fact that they had a lot of use, but they decided, like the adventures, to focus their efforts on things they could make more money on: namely the three expansions per year.

Everything else became secondary.

The solo adventures, etc showed that they can churn out heroes like there’s no tomorrow, but they choose not to.

They now choose to put them in bundles, which are out of the reach of most non first world countries, based on the numerous threads made about the currency conversion issues, which actiblizz and team 5 are aware of. Especially because of the number of threads made on this forum alone, and because of the fact that unlike steam and other services, actiblizz adjusts UP for those differences.

All that to say, that in spite of what they say about being an “inclusive” company…they really don’t do much for their loyal customers outside the first world.


Considering the constant art censorship (which is quite against what first world users wish), they do not really care about the first world too (aka obey Chinese directives). The only and foremost present Blizzard care about is Money(!!!)


what if blizzard censor Tyrande. that can actually happen. I mean, they haven’t censored whirlwind yet (that card has blood in it) so maybe it will happen.


People should really stop giving them (and the censorship board) ideas.


I don’t get the anger due to changing art. I mean, some changes seem dumb, like the Succubus, but the Secret Keeper is now even more revealing. The “censorship” isn’t that bad in my opinion


I miss the free heroes we got like Lunara and Maeive. But my favourite of all time was Arthas. It was such a pain to get him but so rewarding and fun at times, plus his music is epic.
I hope they have more like that planned!

Also I was really hoping for one more cool legendary dragon this expansion. Preferably a semi weak one because I’d love to have a card in the future: shuffle any (as in wild or standard) legendary dragon into your deck. Or something fun like that in deathrattle or even discover. I know it would be trash, but I love legendary dragons :slight_smile:


Well I’ve decided more than year and a half ago that I would simply stop buying stuff from blizzard until they bring back Tyrande and Khadgar for people that couldn’t realistically receive them at the time.

Prior to this I have been buying largest bundle every expansion, owned every other blizz game but damn, I’m not paying a cent to company that is making poorly designed promotions to very limited number of people (I live in a country that didn’t have twitch prime option at the time) And then just ignores the community but rolls out promotions in Asia.

Just stop buying packs, stop buying games - their stocks are long time in a decline, let’s see how long they can ignore the community.

To be honest I’ve seen a bunch of videos about upcoming Uldum expansion and it looks exciting.

But then I logged in in consideration of buying a bundle and immediately remembered when they threw Elisa in my face why I stopped buying this stuff long ago. I will manage with my dust and quests to get a couple of decks and try the expansion, but will certainly not pay a cent to this company.

This is the only efficient way to manifest your position - if you want results, punish them with dollar, maybe it will make them think twice before ignoring their community when they go broke and work in a different company.


Bleh, here again…a new Expansion and some fun cards where I actually want to play Priest again. Peviously I mostly played Priest with Vargoth Spell/Arms Deck or Standard Resurrection…but even then I didn’t really play it as much, partly due to being so danm tired of Anduin. Piest is still the only class where I do not have an alternate Hero to switch…Madam Lazul I skipped as I didn’t care for the art style and felt she was hastily added…all the cards that feature her look better imo…

Still want Tyrande…but Id be content with a damn Forsaken Priest (preferably a Female Forsaken) but something tells me Activision-Blizzard won’t do that.


Four months left in 2019. No news, unless they pull some kind of surprise, we’re looking at a “hearthstone year” move.


Or no Tyrande at all.


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You call people trolls, but apparently you caught your own reflection in the monitor. Scroll up:


It’s funny how having an opinion (unrelated to the topic by the way) is now being a troll


Look at the posts the user quoted. To claim they aren’t related to the thread’s topic means they weren’t read (at best) or you’re defending their trolling (at worst). They were clearly baiting, and insulting people both against coc and the attack post is against the clear rules established for this thread. But once again, people like this (just like on the last thread) are allowed to operate with impunity.