Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


Ignore them, they’re a kid. Just trying to get a rise out of you for their own personal enjoyment. Best for them to just get ignored, not worth your time nor anyone else’s.


you are right, but it annoys me that OP is diverging dev’s attention to a GIF than balancing the game.


So, are the mods going to do anything about the trolls in this thread? We have a standing promise about troll and attack posts here for this thread, and nothing is being done about it, as evident by the continued and repeated baiting going on.


Just ignore it lol. In all seriousness, if you don’t respond to the troll, it can’t really do anything to you, so yeah, just ignore it.


True, but jesse before he left specifically said this thread was supposed to be free of this kind of nonsense. It’s interesting that they aren’t keeping their word about that (not that they were doing much about them in the old thread or the downvote manipulation before the threads rolled over either).

It’s actiblizz, at this point I guess I should be used to them not following through on their promises any more. Especially when people are breaking the rules and trolling in their favor.


Here’s hoping they do the right thing this time.

Twitch Prime/Amazon still isn’t supported near my place, so I’m hoping they’ll make it work ‘everywhere’, like their pre-order bundles. Although, I’m partly convinced it’ll be barred behind a ‘bundle’ itself, hopefully not a 100$ one.
I guess I won’t mind, as long as they keep the promise.


I want Khadgarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Seems this thread is falling back to the shadows…we need some Moonlight to illuminate things…


I do believe Blizzard needs to allow those a chance to obtain Tyrande again on their store, just like they did the old adventures that are now in wild you can purchase. I would have loved the opportunity to own some of the heroes or cardbacks. Even though I took advantage of the promo to get Tyrande, I do believe now is the time to make her and other heroes /cardbacks that are no longer available to own at a discount for in game gold or cash. The company should give people options to satisfy the player base and the bottom line.


If the gold text is to believed, we’ll see it before the end of the year (whether 2019, or hearthstone remains to be seen).

And of course, there’s the whole “right way” bit…my two cents, for all the trouble they’ve put everyone through they should just give a heads up to everyone and say “log in between this date and this date and you get her for free…after that, you can buy her in the store.”

Everyone wins.


I don’t know about Tyrande, but I think they’ll make old cardbacks available for craft with Dust… not sure how people will feel about that though.


They said Tyrande, i hope it’s not reskin


No, they won’t.


up once again :slight_smile: up up up…


Don’t mind me, just keeping this thread alive in case Team 5 doesn’t deliver on their promise again. Good day.


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Even if Tyrande never comes back, this thread should always stay alive on this forum to show people how Team 5 follows up on promises.

“Tyrande Whisperwind was not available worldwide, so we’d like to give another chance for players to get her again. So, we have a good news - we should be ready to bring some of them back in the Year of the Mammoth.”


…in 2019:

“by the end of this year”

Really hoping it isn’t tied to some lame bundle. As I said before, give everyone some generous lead time so they know it’s coming. Then everyone has a decent log in window in which everyone, and I mean everyone, no matter their plane of existence gets it for free. Then put it in the shop for $10 like every other hero.

Problem solved…at least this one. They still have to make good on the card backs and other stuff they promised, but at least this big hill will have been crossed.


I hope that Tyrande doesn’t come in a lame bundle, and that the window to purchase/add her to the collection is reasonable, giving everyone their chance, but knowing Blizzard I’m not confident in her being made available for free.
I’m hoping that if it comes down to a bundle that the bundle won’t be rediculous. At this point, dedicated players probably have a large collection of the newest expansions’ cards so a 80$ / 100$ bundle, with Tyrande + 80 packs of cards already obtained would leave a sour taste in my mouth. Personally praying for a smaller bundle, if Blizzard would be generous.


It can’t be in a preorder bundle because of the people that already have her. I’m confident that if Team 5 delivers, they’ll bring Tyrande back for free, not with some bundle attached to it.