Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


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It’s a really weak bait, what are you even doing here if you don’t have any input on this topic?


If Tyrande ever comes back she will probably be with a different censored portrait, or different outfit. Maybe Blizzard doesn’t want to change her because other players will notice and get offended!:rage:


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And if you did as you claimed, you would see the clear policy on attack posts:

See the previous gold text (quoted more than once) about Tyrande coming back this year before you keep making baseless and false attacks on the posters here.


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“I’m not trying to attack anybody.” Sandwiched with attacks.

My mistake in feeding you. Since the mods can’t be bothered to keep their word on dealing with these proactively (since not only do they violate coc, but the specific rules the blue set up for this thread), people just need to report these posts an hope they actually do something about it.


Less than 5 months left till the end of the year. Do you think they lied to us again?


You have the freedom to say what you want, so long as it doesn’t violate the forum rules, or the specific rules for this thread about making attack posts. You have been consistently violating both. The fact that you keep escalating, shows you know what you are doing and continue to do it anyway.

What is really interesting, is that the mods continue to allow this to continue, as they did in the last thread despite the clear instructions of the blue and the coc. I won’t go so far as to say this is to discourage posting on this thread, but I could see how others might see it that way.


hkq’s posts (and the replies to it) are the one thing that kept this thread at the top of the page recently. Before that, it kept getting bumped occasionally only to drop down again soon after. If anything, mods allowing hkq’s posts makes the thread more likely to be seen by casual users. And if there’s anything discouraging people from posting on this thread, the sheer length of it is probably a much bigger reason than the posts of any one random user.

(I would argue that the vaguely cult-ish attitude some of the people here display toward Tyrande is another big turn-off, but maybe that’s just me.)


Bring Tyrande back already, we are sick of Anduin!


Didn’t you create on of the “Bring back Tyrande” posts? I remember you commenting a lot on such threads. What is more, I remember you wanting her back very badly


Length of the thread doesn’t keep people from posting. The fact that there are specific individuals actively attacking people in violation of the coc, and the specific rule for the is thread (making attacks posts) are. No one should have to worry about being attacked and harassed by people with the mods doing nothing about it (despite the promise by the blues they would be proactive about this issue, and the fact that they are so quick to deal with the coc violations when they aren’t favorable to team 5) seem to show a bias here.

Also, it’s the bring Tyrande hero portrait back thread. That’s not “cultish.” That’s like saying that people on the “please give us auto squelch” thread are “cultish” because that’s what they talk about there. Simply because the main topic is the focus of discussion doesn’t make it a bad thing. What IS bad are users intentionally violating coc and the specific rules for this thread.


That’s not what I find cult-ish about it


Anduin is neat and all (not really) but Tyrande is better. I do hope they bring her back.


And of course, you fail to elaborate but make continue with vague hints and innuendo. Sounds like you just want to attack people rather than have a thoughtful discussion.


If I thought I could have a thoughtful discussion, I would’ve elaborated. I don’t, so I didn’t.


So you’d you rather snipe, troll, and insult people without providing any support for your claims. At least know people know they can dismiss your baseless attacks since you won’t provide any kind of reasoned support for them.


Can you guys stop being so childish on this topic. You’re going to get the thread locked if you keep insulting each other, so stop feeding the trolls.


Necro thread but heres to hoping you get the chance at her.