Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


They said Tyrande, i hope it’s not reskin


No, they won’t.


up once again :slight_smile: up up up…


Don’t mind me, just keeping this thread alive in case Team 5 doesn’t deliver on their promise again. Good day.


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Even if Tyrande never comes back, this thread should always stay alive on this forum to show people how Team 5 follows up on promises.

“Tyrande Whisperwind was not available worldwide, so we’d like to give another chance for players to get her again. So, we have a good news - we should be ready to bring some of them back in the Year of the Mammoth.”


…in 2019:

“by the end of this year”

Really hoping it isn’t tied to some lame bundle. As I said before, give everyone some generous lead time so they know it’s coming. Then everyone has a decent log in window in which everyone, and I mean everyone, no matter their plane of existence gets it for free. Then put it in the shop for $10 like every other hero.

Problem solved…at least this one. They still have to make good on the card backs and other stuff they promised, but at least this big hill will have been crossed.


I hope that Tyrande doesn’t come in a lame bundle, and that the window to purchase/add her to the collection is reasonable, giving everyone their chance, but knowing Blizzard I’m not confident in her being made available for free.
I’m hoping that if it comes down to a bundle that the bundle won’t be rediculous. At this point, dedicated players probably have a large collection of the newest expansions’ cards so a 80$ / 100$ bundle, with Tyrande + 80 packs of cards already obtained would leave a sour taste in my mouth. Personally praying for a smaller bundle, if Blizzard would be generous.


It can’t be in a preorder bundle because of the people that already have her. I’m confident that if Team 5 delivers, they’ll bring Tyrande back for free, not with some bundle attached to it.


When the original offer was out for Tyrande, I, as a Canadian player, followed the exact steps required for my own qualification to obtain her.

Due to the convoluted mess that was many of us NOT being given the hero portrait and even having to deal with subsequent CHARGES of the auto-renewal (had to fight for a refund, I thankfully got mine) on the “deal”, I was severely disappointed and have been holding out hope ever since that we were given a SIMPLE and FREE way to obtain her.

This has yet to pass. So anyone that says that I’m SoL and “don’t deserve her” when I already went through a massive hassle and was effectively bait-and-switched on the whole shebang can go suck eggs.


Why was it an unwise moment to bump it? Did I miss something? Did they announce her return?


Bump! Why are like 40 posts in this thread gone, though?


So another hypes about e-sports and new expansion, but no news about Tyrande. Must be very difficult to switch that enable button in the game code… it takes literally years… in a mobile game… “legendary”.


Only 5 months left in the current year to boot. Of course, the only way to push it back at that point is to pull the “we meant the Hearthstone year,” which only buys them slightly more time (not sure timewise on that, someone who’s more invested in the hs calendar post the timeline…I think they last roughly two years and were partly through the new one).

Either way, they fail to deliver on this one, and it completely destroys the small amount of trust and credibility they have left. Especially with the players they have intentionally left out in the cold for years now and have been stringing along with these promises.


It’s def reached peak hilarity that a company with so much money behind it (esp Activision that drools for as much extra money as they can greedily go for) can’t seem to find a solution or bridge the gap…about a digital cosmetic item…with NO concrete information revolving around it. If other companies can manage, salvage and fix issues for physical items that customers are upset about…why are these digital cosmetic items such a hassle for Activison-Blizzard?

Make new events/promotions without area/country restrictions, or put these Heroes as part of a Bundle option that’s on the Battle net store without a time limit…


I agree that it’s ridiculous that they’ve taken this long to get a cosmetic item back, but it’s not as simple as putting it up on the store again for a couple reasons.

  1. Tyrande was never sold to begin with, she was obtained through a Twitch Prime deal. I don’t know Amazon’s presence in the promotion affects a Tyrande rerelease, but there may be some legal reason preventing Tyrande from being directly sold in the store

  2. If Tyrande was sold as a part of a bundle, what would the people who already have her do? Just buy the bundle for the packs or whatever is included? This is why the heroes like Mecha-Jaraxxus and Rastakhan have not seen a rerelease, because they were promoted and sold as limited time offers. If Blizzard were to announce a Mecha-Jaraxxus rerelease people would be outraged since he effectively cost $80 and we were told he was only going to available before the release of The Boomsday Project.

So you see the problem Blizzard faces here? They can’t just throw her up into the shop just like that, as much as we would like them to. But they’ve now given themselves a deadline. I know they made a promise before, but that was from people who no longer work at Blizzard, so I really hope this is the year Tyrande comes back, in whatever form that may be.


This is the simplest answer the could have given up front, and companies do this all the time when it’s the case. I said this frequently on the old thread: NDA’s about NDA’s (we can’t talk about why we can’t talk about it) for a very old twitch promotion makes zero sense. That level of secrecy is reserved for next gen console releases, government level work, etc.

The kinds of things people usually go to prison for, or are sued for millions over, not a cosmetic item for an online card game for a promotion long ended. But, they haven’t thrown twitch/amazon under the bus, which shows they don’t want to anger their business partner with the false accusation it’s outside of team 5’s control, which would jeopardize their business relationship.

They could put her up independently, like the old solo heroes, after having a generous free promotional period* (something I suggested a while back), which means they get to have their cake and eat it too.


Just have it be an open ended quest after the generous promotion period* ends, like the druid, rogue, etc hero skins that rotate through. Except Tyrande never rotates out.

*Generous promotion period: everyone who logs in get Tyrande. No games, hoops, buying of things, cheers, cross promotion nonsense, etc. You log into hearthstone, you get her. This lasts for at least one month, and no mater where you are in the universe, you log in, you get her. They announce this at least one month in advance, remind everyone two weeks out, keep it up in the launcher, and now everyone gets Tyrande.

And there was much rejoicing.

P.S. If anyone feels like nominating me for the Nobel Peace Prize, I’ll take it. ; )


I am going to try and summarize peoples opinions here as best i can so blizz can easily know what we want.

Paying for Tyrande= Bad
Tyrande for free= Good


The Year of the Dragon (current HS Year) will end with the set release in April 2020. I’m hoping that Blizzard grants us a Christmas Miracle and that we see her before the end of the calendar year though :slight_smile:


That gelled with the rough math in my head, but I wasn’t 100% on it.