Tyrande, oh where oh where: Cont'd


Best Hearthstone news this year! Thanks, I am super happy now. :slight_smile: Smiling and jumping for joy. Thanks, for listening and giving us a possible time-frame. Older card backs coming back would be cool (I missed the Jade one), but Tyrande coming back is brilliant something that is healthy for the community.

Blessings to you.


I’ll remain skeptical…we’ve been given this type of answer before. We were supposed to get Tyrande by Year of the Mammoth and was promised that…and then we were given a long silence. I believe Yong Woo was fired/ left or was moved…we could,very well be going on the Merry-Go-Round again.

I also hate the reasoning of wanting Heroes to not saturate the game…LMAO…ummm…what? I see like ONE Tyrande player a year…ZERO Khadgar, ZERO Nemsy and to this date ONE of each of the pre-order Heroes…there is literally a low to zero chance we’ll ever get close to a theorerical “over saturation” of Alt Heroes filling up the game…and so what if they did? Just like Mounts in WoW people might “ooh” at them,at first and then literally all hype and care about someone else using said cosmetic is gone…

I think that’s a terrible way to go about, esp since it hurts the fanbase/players more than amounts to any signifigance about elitists coveting “rare” digital cosmetics that others can no longer get…


Remember: we are still far from our goal. I wouldn’t hold my breath until the moment of that announcement.

(whispers) Maiev and Lunara… But actually I’d love to see everyone having alt priest heroes (I abhor Anduin’s art and voice). Also I want to see some lore-related characters as alt heroes, e.g. Kael’thas/Thalyssra as mage, Maraad/Yrel/Turalyon as paladin…



I actually see more or equal Malfurions still than Lunara…I personally will never switch back. >:O

As for Maiev, shrugs she’s a pretty cool and more well-known character for veteran Warcraft fans and was the first free Hero that people could earn without jumping thru too many hoops for. I see about equal representation for Rogue Heroes personally

But I digress, it does NOT devalue or diminish the value (personal or otherwise) collection of digital goodies that I have, if others suddenly could get em again. If anything, those of us who’ve had use of said exclusives, have had a good long run of that.

I just hope we FINALLY get Tyrande. She’s been a top fav character of mine since Warcraft 3


Well, a break of silence to say that they are working on bringing back the 2 missing promotional only heroes in the right way. With Tyrande being out by the end of the year (2019 or April 2020 is not clear).

Yes, we have heard promises like this in the past (Year of the Mammoth) and while we remain skeptical, we should also give them a chance to make this right. It’s a new team and clearly they are at least aware of and are working on making things better.

I remain ever hopeful that this time it will happen.


I really do hope so and I am giving them some benefit of doubt, but I will not praise them or celebrate this early. I will do so once that promise is fulfilled and I can play as her.


Well at least now they set a date to Tyrande.
Be it the end of 2019 or the end of the year of the dragon it does not matter, at least now they officially said something.

Regardless if they keep the promise or not, the end of the year will be the time where a little bit of faith in blizzard is restored or will be the time when I will give up on Blizzard totally.


That was literally the entire reason why I started playing HS. …and that date has yet to come…

I gave up on HS a few months ago and still, she was the only reason I remained active on forums. I wish T5 fulfills this promise and when that day comes… I can play my final game with the innkeeper as her and never return…


Congratulations, Tyrande will back :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Here comes the question: who made the deal with Twitch, or Amazon?

It is a common knowledge that Blizzard holds Tyrande’s IP, so the answer is quite apparent: Blizzard. But why did Blizzard make a deal that is obviously unfair for some countries?

The answer is simple: $.

Now the real question comes up: What exactly did Amazon offer Blizzard that have made Blizzard give up on their customers in so many countries?


If Tyrande is coming back, further discussion regarding this is almost useless. But my thought on some of the questions you asked,

Yes, these promotions are about $, and I have no idea what legal issue is there with Twitch/Amazon and Blizz, but these were simply promotion deal, nothing special. I mentioned this before, but you act as of this promotion deal was Blizz trying to backstab or turn its back on its playerbase. It’s not. It was a normal promotion deal to boost up Twitch Prime subs, only Blizz never expected backlash/outcry to be this severe.

For instance, people who cried over Tyrande never bothered to complain about Twitch Prime only card backs, golden classic pack (before Blizz gave 1 for free to all players), etc. Why do you think that is? Even Khadgar, iOS only promotion deal (albeit you could bought it using one of your friend’s iphone) was much less complained about. I’d say these people already know what a normal promotion deal is, some simply exclusive, out of their reach, not everything is entitled to them. They only complained because it was a Tyrande skin.

Rational? Not really. But I’m glad they finally can have their peace now.


But they’ve never come out and said that. As we’ve said repeatedly, they intentionally left it vague, citing “reasons.” etc. So throwing amazon under the bus wouldn’t damage their relationship with them.

If it were an NDA, they would have said so by now. Having an NDA about an NDA is usually reserved for government work, next level console type stuff, etc…not a two years old hearthstone promotion.

Because he came back through other means, and more than once for some people. Meanwhile, Tyrande has never even had one appearance for some people. Not counting people who cheated using location spoofing.

There is no peace for those who have waited years for her until everyone has her fair and square. And not locked behind some dumb preorder bundle.


If Blizzard is trustworthy enough then why would people make the first Tyrande thread?

I’m afraid that people are too optimistic right now by the news of re-releasing Tyrande and I’ve made several posts to warn people not to get over-hyped. If Blizzard fails this time, the consequences will be devastating.

Not really comparable. if I recall correctly that happened during the K&C launch right? By that time,

  • Twitch Prime was available to all countries except China and India, and
  • People needed to link their Twitch account and their Battle.net account to receive promotional deals, and
  • Longer promo period.

These lead to:

  • Less complaint about location spoofing, and
  • No grey market trading of the code, and
  • Enough time for more people to be involved.


  • Overall a fair and just promotion, and
  • Considerable effort of marketing by Blizzard.*

*This includes social media, in-game announcements and globalization.

I’m curious about what the re-release event will be like: is it just a bundle like in SEA, another Twitch Prime Promotion like in NA or EU or an in-game event like in KR?

And finally to summarize the existence of this thread and the reasoning of me not shutting up:


“We’re working on delivering it before the end of the year.”

Given the broken promises made by a few select members of the Team 5 staff, we will believe it when we see it.


I don’t recall twitch only card backs. I could be wrong of course. I remember a lot of golden cards, which were easily obtainable in game. The golden packs, which were of course the same thing as golden cards, were also obtainable in game. So, unless I missed something…for a long time, team 5 didn’t do that “limited time/limited availavility” window thing that kept people away from getting Tyrande. Sure, everyone can try prime free…once.

You use that at the wrong window…and that’s it. You then have to pay for it and you miss out. And has been discussed at length elsewhere on the hs forums…team 5 seems very tone deaf on the whole currency conversion issue outside the first world.


i also want tyrande back


I sort of understand the collector’s point of view of wanting everything or something they really connect to, but honestly, how disruptive is it to y’all to not have a specific hero? At some point, you need to just appreciate what you have and play on.

I have to say, I’ll never knock Hearstone for what it does so well and the fun I’ve had here, but… I’ve found so much more now :smiley:. Perhaps if you do not find what you seek here, you can join me.



I think the point that maybe you aren’t seeing is that these aren’t collectors. A lot of the people that have breathed life into this thread are not collectors, they were people that literally had no way to get Tyrande. Just because of where they were. Not to mention, all of us here are people that were promised something by a team of people that represent the game, work on the game, and have influence over it that something would happen. And just let that promise get buried just because they didn’t want to uphold it.

It’s unfair and reeks of unprofessionalism. It isn’t right to tell someone something and just take it back, laughing it off and ignoring the topic like the plague so you won’t hace to answer for it. That’s why people are upset.


I get that some people may not have got it. Did you all get Khadgar or Mecha-Jarraxus? I remember signing up for Twitch Prime here in the UK specifically for Tyrande card because I was promised it was a timed exclusive. If they re-release it in the UK then the original promotion was a lie.

Blizz may launch the process of acquiring Tyrande/Khadgar again, as it should be, because there are new players, you would not be shafted. You still have got Tyrande in a timed exclusive manner.

And if Blizz adds Tyrande to the shop, because it is reasonable and I don’t get why this is not the case yet, you would have got her for free…yep, once again, in a timed exclusive manner.


But don’t let the good news kill the whole thread! We need to be alive untill Tyrande returns.