Rewards Track Update Coming Soon

Rewards Track Update Coming Soon

We’re ready to detail a series of changes that we will begin releasing later this month.

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We’re changing the weekly quest “Win 7 Games of Ranked Play Mode” to “Win 5 Games of Ranked Play Mode.” This quest, as a guaranteed weekly quest, feels like it requires too much effort to complete. Adjusting the win requirement will ensure that a larger number of players will complete this weekly quest and keep up with the rewards.


The complaints were not focused on the difficulty, but rather the game mode.

Edit: The rest sounds like you’re trying to show you’re listening to the players. So props for that.


A mixed bag of changes. Some good, some do nothing.

At least you’re trying to change stuff for the better (or just appear like you’re trying), but there’s no reason this should have taken 3 weeks of silence to come up with.

Also Balance Changes to Standard are still desperately needed.

Edit: Nevermind just noticed that those seasonal events you promised would supplement XP are now being reverted back to what we’re used to because of these changes.

So really you didn’t do anything but move the XP we were going to get into Daily and Weekly Quests instead.


lol what a shtty update again. do you guys even read what has been given from feedback or are you all pulling it from your a$$


We’re removing weekly quests that require Legendary cards and Arena runs.

Weak. Honestly a very stupid change if you ask me since you can reroll your quests and there are people outside who’d appreciate if they could do arenas to complete the quests.


I’m supportive of the changes, even as a whale player I know I am getting more bang for my time each week…all progress works for me.


Good tweaks… Doesn’t fix everything but is a step in the right direction


Hey, the changes benefit everyone, and maybe the complainers will fiiiinally simmer down … I miss r/hearthstone.


IMO seems these changes help, the 20% less exp needed t lvl should make a huge change, for most players to get 50, and it depends on how hard it is to lvl after 50 to get the 50gold per lvl. also thanks for the free packs and gold.


Good changes, now, for me, all is needded to be perfect is add 5 gold per 3 wins, that would at the same time reward players who play a lot of time per day, and also would give this 5 gold we gain in arena and duels an use. I think is justified.


I read this and thought “Oh great, this is a step in the right direction” and then I remembered Blizzard’s track record and I just know they’ll find some innovative way to mess it up


It sounds like they are re-weighting rewards. They mentioned less gold at the top of the rewards track, but less exp to progress. If they cut it down from 150g to 50 g it had better be like 1,500 exp per level (down from 4,500 like before). If they do something shifty and make it like 50 g per 3,000 exp then they are basically taking rewards away again. I’d watch and see if they are just shifting the same numbers around or if they are actually giving any net benefit. - It looks good… but I’m skeptical.


So they are reducing exp required per level but they are also removing or reducing exp you were suppose to get from events? Am I reading that right? So there’s no real change then?


OK, thanks for finally responding, now make these same changes once again and give us 100g for extra levels and the bpass might actually be an improvement


Will there be any sort of back-tracing for previously earned rewards? For example you say,

We’re adding 50 gold to the current rewards for levels 27 and 30

Does this mean if we’re past level 30 we just miss out on the extra gold?


you forgot about the 800 exp quests increase to 900

I’m pretty diappointed that this is taking so long to fix. Until it’s done, I’ve got TWO of those weekly quests that are getting axed. I’m NOT happy about this Blizzard.

This whole thing makes me lose faith in your Hearthstone team. I realize that they were trying to do something big/new/different… well they did and it sorta worked but then in some cases it’s just plain disappointing. I’m wanting the old system back.

I want gold from quests/3 wins. That system was so much better! I’m still confused as to what happens once we reach max level/350. Will it then be impossible to earn anything? Or are levels resetting each month? That’s the only way that I see this working.

I may just be out of the loop, but I’m of the thought that our level will continue to rise as we play over however long. If I’m wrong, like I said, I’ll be relieved! If that’s the case then I’m all for these changes - despite not liking the 3 wins 10 gold being gone.


It is a change for the better, but the “ranked or die” mentality of the level system is so %&$king stupid. Drop the 33% penalty for not playing ranked, don’t require any quest.


I would like to see an actual way to earn small amount of gold while playing, so having 5-45 or 55-95 gold wouldn’t be meaningless

What I understood:

before: events give you XP only, so you will go on in the reward track

now: events give you directly gold/packs/dust


You didn’t have to dumb down the game so the minority but vocal whiners on reddit can be happy. They are never happy.

As a free to play player this makes the game not fun because you just have to click and click instead of think like in Magic the Gathering.