Corrupt Card Counting


The card counting for the Weekly Quest ‘Play X Corrupt card’ is not working right at all. I’ve built a Paladin deck with lots of corrupt card. I play them when they are corrupted. It says that I’ve only played 3, when in fact I’ve played about 10 or more over a few games.

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Same here. I just played a game where I played at least three corrupt cards. (Corrupt condition was triggered.) It only counted 1 toward my weekly goal.

Fix this Blizzard. Just got a weekly quest to play 50 Corrupt cards. Played one game where I played 1 corrupt card. Still sits at 0/50. I’m done with your bugged game.

Just read the last patch info from 2 days ago. This quest will be fixed soon.

Thanks very much. Nice to know they’re listening.