Rewards Track Update Coming Soon

What about exp in ranked? Too many odd warrior to encounter in wild. They always ropping with autoclicker


Late is the hour in which this conjurer chooses to appear. “Lathspell” I name him. Ill news is an ill guest. Why shall I welcome you?

Where were your tweaks while we suffered. No way to get that 10 extra gold for next pack or arena ticket even after playing > 2 hours, winning. Arena lies in ruins. You made us horde packs. Who do you think we are? The old gods do not forgive easy. Why should I spend 2 hrs. everyday to face rope bots only?.. Speak friend and enter


Why is this thread full of 1 post people? What are the odds?



It’s a good steep in the right direction.


This looks great! Im so exited to have a change! looking forward to this :slight_smile: !


whiners on reddit are never happy.


I wasn’t strongly against, the rewards track concept to start but the Xp progression I fully understand a lot of people’s issues with, personally I think maybe in addition to these changes try to make a day of the week extra XP, maybe like Tuesday y’all update that day anyway. As far as removing the need for legendries for quests GOOD change but the fact that there is no incentive to play daily or even for longer than it takes to do your quests I think is a bad thing. Bring back some amount of gold for wins. 5 and cap at 50 if you want to be cheap, but something. Otherwise players will begin playing just to do daily quests and that’s it, the achievement system means nothing if there is no one consistently playing.


My goal is to play to reach the legendary rank in any mode, be it wild or standard. What the game gives me during this journey is profit!


Most of the changes DO NOTHING. They just change the pace we get the gold. But we will be getting the same amount of gold…


there will still be a handful of people complaining…like always, but 20% is kind of a big deal


I think there’s more to do, like give us an idea about what events will give bonus rewards, and bring back generous moments like legendary quests and 1 free entry for paid tavern brawls, but this seems like a step in the right direction.


Positive move, shows they actually do listen.

No matter how much they change, some people will never be happy.


I believe the levels should reset after every month

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Now you can probably do arena AND any other mode to complete the new quest instead of arena only

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can you also stop forcing us playing modes we dont like? the 2nd weekly quest is almost always something with bg and duels. can we somehow have a choise through option menu or something not receiving this kind of quests?


This is a step in the right direction, but does not fix the fundamental problem that it feels terrible waiting on exp and level-ups to get more gold, when we used to get gold merely for playing the game.

The game needs both, and failing to do this means you’re not actually listening to people. If someone is on 145 gold and wants to play arena, they can’t. They have to “level up first”.


I thought more about a certain arena meta.

I’m genuinely shocked it took 2 weeks to come up with this. I don’t see it as a particularly great step in the right direction since this barely seems what it should have been at the start and still doesn’t change how crappy it feels to have to wait on xp to eventually get some gold (which we will need a lot of with your genius mid-expansion ideas).

The people who were pissed at HS and decided to go try Runeterra, Gwent or what have you, you think you’ll get them back with this band-aid solution? Going from being able to craft a deck with a couple of weeks of play starting from scratch to having to hoard gold and dust to craft a deck maybe once per expansion? Sorry, but I’d rather you entirely reworked the frankly horrid dust system than any “reward track” fidgeting you’ve been doing. There’s literally no other game that is worse than Hearthstone in that, none that is so greedy, even remotely.

I know full well you won’t touch it (Brode, who’s for some reason been canonised by a large part of the playerbase, was very clear that reworking the dust system would be too generous for players - can you imagine players having more fun? The horror - and the new team certainly has done nothing to change that mantra) but hey, a man can dream.


XP from level to level is reduced but this is in the place of Event bonus XP = Cosmetic change

XP per level past lvl 50 decreased, but gold decreased as well. If it is 4500xp for 150 down to 1500 xp for 50g then this too = Cosmetic change

100xp more on a quest that you probably will re-roll anyway = Cosmetic change

Again(emphasis on again) be able to complete quests in tawern brawl = Cosmetic change

So apart from cosmetic changes all we are given is one time 5 packs and 500 gold. Which basically means here’s some handout to muffle the criticism and we are not changing anything.



I believe that the Duels game mode should allow you to use all Wild cards, since most of us who play Standard no longer have those cards, and as it is a paid game mode, I consider that the least they could do for the game. people who cannot craft old cards, is to let us use them “borrowed” at least.