Quest and XP Compensation

Yesterday we deployed fixes for quests and XP related issues. Today we’ll be rolling out compensation to affected players for the following:

  • Those affected by Heroic Duels not granting XP will be granted 50 XP per game of Heroic Duels played since the 19.0 update.
  • Those who were prevented from receiving new quests due to an issue with the Returning Player quest line will be granted cumulative XP for all quests missed since the 19.0 update.

You don’t need to do anything to receive this compensation, it will show up automatically in-game.


-Press (X) to doubt.


Still no compensation for wasting dust on scholomance duel reward because the description was poorly written which doesnt say anything about unique epics and in my case I wasted 1.2k dust (1/3 of the dust which I saved for this expansoin) on epics which are unplayable(unplayable because the 3 epics were the least unseless ones for me and not relevant for competitive…) with my collection and tbh I´m sure that I´m not alone which feels kinda scammed because of careless publishing. This is just causing a trust issue.

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Getting quests now and was given 50k compensation. Thank you very much.

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Well then where is mine at I missed 3 daily quests and have not received anything yet.

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Another failed, totally inadequate response.

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You sure you actually fixed quests?

Reports are still coming in from people not getting 'em. Something you would know if you actually, you know, read the responses in the “update” threads you create.

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It’s great and all that you did this but we really want the demon hunter nerfs. Yesterday.


Does the XP compensation also work for players who missed out a quest for unknown other reasons? I for some reason lost out on 1 quest (fortunately only 1, but still).

I’m not a returning player and I got quests properly at first, just randomly 1 day I didn’t (had 0 daily quests, so yes I had room) but it again worked the next day. And yes, I know for sure I missed out: I was in the game before midnight, quest timer said a couple of hours until the new quest, logged in several hours later at about an hour after midnight and quest timer had rolled over to 23 hours but didn’t get a quest.

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I doubt that demon hunter nerfs will hit before World Championships. If decks that can beat DH get bans, I hope we get to see those decklists too. This is assuming each player has multiple decks and a ban a class option.

Anyone has overflown exp in the bar but not leveling up? I think they compensated me for duels etc. and now I have 16698/5050 experience needed for advancing to 35.

re-logging in should pop your rewards

Actually relogging didn’t solve this one but playing a match solved it! Thanks

SHUT UP you’re useless company

i again got left out i lost quest and did not get any exp… i did not get the free golden legendary that some got…

Thank you, got my experience and once again seeing daily/weekly quests. Now if you could just nerf Demon Hunter into oblivion we’ll be all set.

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I missed out on one week of weekly quests and did not get compensaion. Hey Kerfuffle, are you guys just gonna compensate some people and other customers are screwed? Is that how it works there?

I also recall that initially Duels weren’t granting any form of XP, whether casual or heroic. Are casual duels from back then going to be compensated? I played a lot for the legendary quest chain and then for some quests (at least I somehow dodged the missing quests bug). Thanks.

Hy. After release on Thursday i got my weekly quest. At Monday i haven´t got weekly quest. Only the timer restart.
Best regards

I didn’t get the weekly and daily for a week.
I didn’t get the compensation.

Nice try to make me reinstall and uninstall the game !