No Weekly or Daily Quests

I have deleted the game. Unplayable without any quests or gold.
Let’s see how many weeks will be taken for them to treat the blank quest log bug as a “known issue”, let alone fixing it.


Still nothing. Leaving this dead game, farewell.


Hotfix supposedly came out, works on Americas server but I still have a blank quest log on Europe. Come on people…

Still no quests on EU.

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third week without quests. I really don’t play anymore, it’s not rewarding. Hope we will see a fix soon and a refund for all PE and gold we are losing.

Does anyone have any idea how long it usually takes Blizzard to deploy these Hotfixes?

Still an entirely blank quest log here on NA, hotfix didn’t work for me.

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Same here, EU server, still no quests, the tab is completely blank.

I am also not recieving any quests since I started playing again about a week ago.

Came back 4 weeks ago after a few months away. Didn’t the rewards for the returning players at first. And then the daily and weekly quest page has been blank
so I have recieved no quests or rewards at all :frowning:

Yes, the hotfix still hasn’t worked for me. Again. You know, normally I am pretty patient and I try to discourage people badmouthing Blizzard because it doesn’t help, but my god…


I’m not actually sure it’s fixed it for anyone. I haven’t seen anyone saying they’re fine now.


Still no quests. (EU)

Can we atleast get some answer from Blizzard team?

Ok I found this:
Update 11/30: We’ve identified an issue with Weekly and Daily Quests where a player, under certain circumstances, can have a completely blank Quests log and will not receive new Quests. This bug has existed since patch 19.0 launched and is separate from the Weekly and Daily Quests issues hotfixed last week. Affected players are those who have opted out of the Returning Player Experience in the past but did not finish the Quest chain given afterwards. We’re aiming to have a fix out for this issue soon.

But the latest hotfix did nothing, so?

Edit 2: Just started the game and i got quests!!!

Fixed for Returning Players. Check Rewards Track for 50,000 experience (level 26)

I’m happy to say this worked, but you do have to gain Exp before the track recognizes you have the 50K experience.

I still didn’t get anything. I lost one full week of Weekly Missions, the first one after the expansion. Do I need to open another ticket?

I must say I didn’t opt out of the returning player experience though…

Guys it just working now! I have all my quest weekly and daily quest, when before my quest page was totally blank, what I did it’s just sing in in asia server in PC , then play until I accomplished some of the quest and get some coins, like drawing 10 cards and playing 15 minions, playing two games in any mode and other one I don’t remember, now I sign in in my android in my normal server (america’s) and surprise! There were all my newly 6 quests there. Hive it a try only have to play some hours, i have to say never played in asia before so went trough all the tutorial and practice toninlock new heros also won some standard matches . I hope this is a fix i know how annoying this is. I’m a returning player too

I’ve gotten a fix, too. I got quests today, as well as a large amount of XP that I assume was a form of compensation for those who didn’t have quests.

I’m glad it seems to be fixed, though I still stand by my previous point that it would’ve been nice for someone to at least drop a “hey guys, we hear ya and we’re gonna fix it” or something.

Awesome, fixed for me finally. Thank you Blizzard.