No Quests Bug, and a THEORY!

Still a blank quest log… don’t think this’ll ever get fixed…

Returning player here, and unfortunately still blank quest line for me it’s been about a week now of playing every game mode I can. Really hard to progress when you are mainly F2P

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Same here on EU. Been about 2 weeks now and I’ve had no daily or weekly quests. Only quest I did get was the duels quest.

I do have an old NA account which I logged onto for the first time in a couple of years, and the quests work fine on that account.

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Btw , i tried switching servers , and on US servers , the quests tab works perfect ! i can see quests no problem! On EU (wich is my main server) i have the blank page…for around…2 weeks now(in fact i never saw a quest since the revamp of the game) !

Good news, we’re finally being directly addressed (in their 11/30 update of the Weekly and Daily Quest Status thread):

Seems to finally be describing our bug. Though I’m not sure what they mean by “opted out”, I’m sure I didn’t “opt out” of anything.

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Wow this is so great to see, I was beginning to lose hope. Really refreshing to know that they are finally acknowledging our problem and trying to fix it.

Yeah, like I was hoping to have the opportunity to do the returning player experience.

I continued whit the problem since the begining

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Still no quests on EU as a returning player.

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Im in the US server and ever since Darkmoon came out I havent gotten a single quest. Quest log been empty ever since even after the supposed patch fix.

Still no quests on EU :smiley: for 22 days :blush:

In that thread they mention a hotfix about fixing and compensating our blank quest logs soon (patch 19.0.2) not sure when that will occur since I still have a blank quest log right now.


Yup, I also still have a completely blank quest page… their hotfix has not worked, for myself and a lot of other people judging from comments.

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black quest log here too, i was absent by one or two years, and now this, i sent ticket and same response, that they are investigating and that i should look up in the forums. why if there is no fix yet? i hope this pass or i´ll dump heartstone again! this annoyng i can get coins to get new cards, and im not spending real money in a broken game like this.

They posted yesterday that they hotfixed it, but i doesn’t seem to have worked for anyone; the issue has been going on for about 3 weeks or more now.

Returning Players issue fixed. Check Rewards Track for 50,000 experience (level 26).

I’m happy to say this worked, but you do have to gain Exp before the track recognizes you have the 50K experience.

Guys it just working now! I have all my quest weekly and daily quest, when before my quest page was totally blank, what I did it’s just sing in in asia server in PC , then play until I accomplished some of the quest and get some coins, like drawing 10 cards and playing 15 minions, playing two games in any mode and other one I don’t remember, now I sign in in my android in my normal server (america’s) and surprise! There were all my newly 6 quests there. Hive it a try only have to play some hours, i have to say never played in asia before so went trough all the tutorial and practice toninlock new heros also won some standard matches . I hope this is a fix i know how annoying this is.

Yeah it’s finally fixed for me too. Thank you, Blizzard.

fixed for me, too
nice :slight_smile: