Dailiy/weekly quests not showing up

I haven’t gotten any daily’s or weekly’s in over a month makes it really hard to log in everyday when I don’t have this extra incentive.

Anyone have any luck getting quest? I’ve contacted customer support multiple times and have yet to receive a good response. They should just openly discuss the issue with the player base to ease our minds. If they told me on a weekly basis that they are at least looking into it and are having trouble fixing it along with an estimated fix time, I would be more understanding.

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Ok, now it is like 3 weeks since the new system and I have patiently waited BUT I have still not recieved a single daily quest. it is getting frustrating as I have lost an insane amount of XP so far :frowning:

They are “deploying a hotfix”, but I’ve seen no evidence it’s been implemented yet.

Man I just want my quests back :frowning:

Should be fixed for Returning Players:

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I’m happy to say this worked, however, you have to gain EXP from somewhere else before the track gives you the 50K.

Exp, not gold? Such wow

Guys it just working now! I have all my quest weekly and daily quest, when before my quest page was totally blank, what I did it’s just sing in in asia server in PC , then play until I accomplished some of the quest and get some coins, like drawing 10 cards and playing 15 minions, playing two games in any mode and other one I don’t remember, now I sign in in my android in my normal server (america’s) and surprise! There were all my newly 6 quests there. Hive it a try only have to play some hours, i have to say never played in asia before so went trough all the tutorial and practice toninlock new heros also won some standard matches . I hope this is a fix i know how annoying this is.

I still haven’t gotten compensation for not getting two days of daily quests and a week of weekly quests
Not a new or returning player
North America server…

How about compensation for those who didn’t get daily or weekly quests and aren’t returning players

Hello !
On 05.12.2020 after 10 p.m. I logged into the game Heartstone and I received quests and compensation in the form of experience from level 11 I gained 29 thanks to the compensation I get the quests normally. Thank you for your help and fixing the bug, I hope that their players have fixed the problem and can enjoy the game Greetings and wish everyone a nice game and a day :slight_smile: I am a returning player

Are u a returning player?..

Yes I am a returning player

I still haven’t gotten compensation for not getting two days of daily quests and a week of weekly quests
Not a new or returning player
North America server …

I still haven’t received daily quests and weekly quests for 3-4 weeks, and neither the chrismast reward of 5 packs and 500 gold… EU player and returning player

I haven’t any daily or weekly quests from 12/24/2020 and that last time I played was February 2018. I didn’t get returning player quests either. All my ticket supports were useless and told me to come to the forums. Has anybody got any idea or help they can send my way.

Since I started playing, I never got any daily or weekly quests… What can I do?
I started playing like 2 weeks ago and I dont know why I do not get quests. Support said I should write in the forums

Support also told me to come here, I have no idea why I dont get quests… There is no progress for me since I cant get gold to buy packs

I still have this issue since December - no daily or weekly quests have appeared.

Had there been any update on whether this is still an issue being worked and what the timeline is to a fix?

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