Mercenary Renown

Sounds like the mercs you can use your excess coins to upgrade are going to be limited to just a few a day. Random of course. Am I reading that right?

Also another opportunity to spend more money on battlegrounds cosmetics. lol lol lol

Horrid answer to a real problem if your description of the mercs “fix” proves accurate.

I stopped playing or caring about the mode because they didn’t have any sort of dup protection or stop granting coins for maxed mercs… so looks like I can continue to ignore the mode.


Yes, random to mercs you havent already maxed. Probably not the solution I was hoping for, but I understand not wanting to have people stockpile so many that they never have to do anything again. From the image it looks like you will be able to get around 250-300 new tokens a day

Cosmetics are what you should want them to make more of, they literally have 0 affect on gameplay dont affect people who dont want to spend money at all.


Isn’t it a bit premature to speculate about coin exchage before we know all the details? What happens with the mysterious stranger in particular, is yet an unknown.

True. (Sighs) Ah, I suppose it’s refreshing to see people use some reasoning instead of ‘intelligent’ giggling on this forum…

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I only played the mode (including the tutorial) when they locked a new expansion pack in a legendary quest chain behind a “win 3 bounties” quest.

I didn’t enjoy any moment, my strategy was “use power 1 on everything till they die”.
There was no dept at all and no logic required, besides the obvious color scheme.

I am honestly surprised there are real people who cares about the mode

So have you basically dropped in to tell everybody how you’ve got nothing to say on the topic? :grinning: What a valuable and insightful contribution!

Next time I suggest buying a ticket to a football match, then telling all those spectators around you how you can’t imagine why people would watch something as stupid as 22 grown-up men chasing after one ball and rolling it on the lawn, as if their life depends on it — let alone do it oneselves. You might also add a story from your troubled — or not, it’s up to you — childhood how you once tried it, but fell on your bum, got bruised and ended up crying, and you attempted it in the first place just because a neighbour boy promised you a candy for participating. I’m sure all the other fans will understand and appreciate your input, and this insight would be invaluable — just like your contribution to this topic, which it obviously resembles. :grinning:

Or, you know, you could go to a restaurant just to announce your distaste for their particular cuisine… or drop into someone else’s church and say how you don’t get their religion… I could go on. The question is: what’s the point?

seems youll get a daily trade offer for coins from 2 different mercenaries you didnt max out yet
i hope we can re roll at least one a day

Wow I hope if you use all the coins to max the merc you can do it again on another one until you decide not to max them.

I think Blizzard as always is taking baby steps on the coin thing. I have thousands of coins, 222 packs, 2 legendaries missing and the will to play is gone. Still have 19 merc equipments locked on heroic; which if my coins go to those mercs I probably be upset. I have not play since the last patch so I also have 12 new mercs on lvl 1, with new tasking I might get to play again pve and pvp but then again they also said that coins will be needed to further update our mercs for end play on pve on a future patch. Then we might have some rarity exchange, details to come. I wanted the 3rd equipment to be lock on task 7 as b4 but I guess heroic grinding will still be an issue to max out any of the mercs even if you have the coins. I wonder sometimes if the blizz merc team is always on permanent vacation or corporate wants to still cap on those expensive bundles on the merc store.

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I came here to say that I am surprised people that have hopes about mercenaries exist

then dont trade for those when its offered …

if they offer a trade for a merc coin you dont want why would you trade ???

Indeed I won’t trade but all new mercs have heroic lock equipment nowdays and I have abt half of them unlocked and yet still coins will be wasted. I guess we will have to wait 4 details but 300 coins per day is just not enough if trade are merc specific or even random it will take 4ever to trade those coins…

Actually, with the task system’s rework, that might be more player-friendly again (the problem was that a task chain for a particular mercenary was hard to come by, even more so after the chance to get the Mysterious Stranger was reduced in 23.0) — although that’s up for discussion, maybe it’s still more fun the way it is now. Some equipment is locked behind bounties that can be difficult to do on a ‘budget’ (or used to be) — although it’s not that bad nowadays: you can do a lot with Cariel-Xyrella-Samuro, you can farm coins for Malfurion and Anduin in Felwood to get some good parties (Nature and Holy) started, and these can take you even further… Garr is also an easier bounty that drops coins for Velen, in order to complete the ‘classic’ holy team, and Jaina to build a ‘budget’ version of the Frost party without Balinda consisting of Jaina, Varden and Lokholar — the best equipment for the latter is available at level 30, by the way, and not locked behind a Heroic bounty. As soon as you complete Winterspring, you can go to Alterac and proceed on Normal, there you need to defeat Heroic Rotimer, which isn’t that bad, for Yu’lon’s equipment and thus complete your ‘budget-Dragon’ party (Yu’lon, Sinestra and Nefarian, for starters — and these are probably among the strongest of the dragons anyway)… Even if you don’t feel like grinding for legendary coins, you can do a lot with only rare mercenaries such as Trigore, Lokholar, budget Dragons/Nature and so on.

Not sure if I could agree with you. The coin exchange system is probably there for those stubborn mercs that are hard to max after completing their task chains (I’m not taking the infamous quilboar into consideration), due to the way their coins are dropped, for instance. The main way to upgrade mercs should be doing tasks and running some bounties, and coin exchange should probably be there to complement this system, not replace it entirely — besides, right now new zones tend to drop coins exclusively for newer mercs, so doing these (on whichever difficulty you prefer) would make sense in terms of rewards, at least until you upgrade most of them. After that point you usually have a few stragglers left, which is where the coin exchange would come in handy — assuming it’s done right, which remains to be seen yet. Even if it would be a couple of offers per day, the small assortment of potential candidates — as it tends to be the case for more or less active players — would ensure that you would generally get the offers you need, more or less.

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Tell me it’s not intentional… No shame.

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you seem to know more about the changes
if im getting it right the task system change means well get more dailies instead of daily task on the campfire ?

I think you are not doing the math. I see numbers and mine are 120.000+ extra coins on max mercs( and my figures are low compare to others). all mercs except 2 legendaries which I can get by completing the task from the 12 mercs I have on task lvl 1/task 1 as per last batch and “222” sealed packs which will be dumb to open them.
Now everybody have diff farming methods depending on time/mercs and fun factor if any nowdays and I know we need to wait 4 details on the xchange thing. On a 300 day basis and on day to day coin exchange hitting the correct fig we are speaking 400+days on getting rid of all excess coins, not counting all the data i just gave you and not counting future coin usage. Whatever merc team is thinking is just seems lazy to me after one whole year of waiting…

I have at least 100k extra coins, if I can only spend 300 of those coins per day, this isn’t cutting it.

Only playing this mode for achievements btw.

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I have too played merc from start till now and have around 120k excess coins as well, likely they will reference this number for the exchange rate.

No more than has been revealed to us so far.

Judging by the ‘teaser’ screenshot provided, that appears to be not the case, although it’s hard to say for sure. There is still one slot for ‘time-limited’ visitors, usually (unless there is a time-limited event, that is) populated by Toki and her daily quest — and that’s it for ‘dailies’ per se. Other visitors, marked as such, seem to provide specific ‘quests’, or tasks, but they probably don’t qualify as ‘daily’ — at least nothing has been implied about it yet.

It shouldn’t be long until the patch notes with the details are revealed, so I would just wait a little for them.

It’s ‘maths’, and I’ve probably forgotten more of it than most people on this forum have ever learned, as far as I can tell — so it’s funny to hear such things from random characters here.

Are you referring to total excess coins or those on individual maxed mercs? If the latter is the case, that’s unusually high — the most I’ve got on a single merc is around 20k for Bru’kan, and I used to do a certain bounty dropping them (yep, that one in Felwood) a lot.

Which ‘task’? If it’s the story — no, you can’t (it’s possible, but unlikely).

I was talking about game design there, apart from discussing a farming strategy that currently is more or less optimal objectively (without going into details), and, in my opinion, coin exchange, as said, should be a complement, not a substitute, for doing diverse bounties, if they are to make any sense — in others words, for there to be an incentive to do them in terms of rewards — at all. Incidentally, new tasks prompting players to revisit various bounties with specific requirements appear to be a step in the right direction in this sense.

Another point: if I were a developer, my priority would probably not be the kind of audience with the ‘I won’t play your stuf anyway, but you must give me everything’ attitude, for obvious reasons. So far the changes announced appear to be in the right direction for both current and new players (I’m more impressed with the task system rework than the lesser, in my opinion, matter of exchange, which appears to be more of a convenience feature for particular situations, as written previously, by the way), as for the implementation — remains to be seen; wouldn’t be surprised to see bugs at launch, as usual :grinning: .

One more thing about the new ‘renown’ resource: I wouldn’t invest too heavily into exchange initially anyway, since it might be spent better elsewhere later — or at least so we’ve been promised.

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Highest coin on any given merc is abt 10k. Never have I farmed 4 particular coins on any merc. 120k is total of course. Doing all 18 tasks on the 12 out of 14 mercs fm last patch probably get me pretty close on crafting the 2 missing legos or by opening packs I would get them you should know that. But as we get more mercs, random legendaries coins get offset by chance as well. Last but not least, abt grammatic getting dogmatic cool you know but to the point is that for new players the game is always getting better; true. The coin issue and how is resolved is not or never will be ideal considering this was a “day one issue”. Making the game ftp/grind friendly always will be plus but when the foundation is severed and the repairs fix only the visible cracks sooner than later it will come down and lets be real here the only reason mercs still exist is because is not a standalone product is part of HS…