[Main Thread] Cannot login/claim Tavern Pass lvl 100 reward

I hit level 100 for the Tavern Pass track and got the three special skins but when i try to claim the choose one skin it asks me if im sure and when i click yes it doesnt do anything like i never claied it and i didnt get the reward skin.


I’m encountering the same problem. I’ve tried restarting my client multiple times and still no luck. I’ve only tried on the Hero I’ve wanted though. I’m too scared to see if it’s a general thing. I’ve been trying to claim Jaina if that helps.

Also for reference, I was able to obtain the premium battle pass rewards but not the free pass skin.

I’ve tried on several different heroes and it’s the same issue with them all.

Having the same problem.

having the same issue here while playing on PC

Same issue on mobile and PC>

Same issue. Cannot claim hero portrait after 100. Irritating…

Same issue here. Playing on Mac.
I get the dialog to confirm my choice, but after confirmation nothing happens.
Hope this gets fixed before the track expires.

Im having the same problem i wanted to claim jaina restarted the game with no luck

Same issue here and opened a ticket. It doesn’t matter which you click its completely bugged. Still awaiting a response to the ticket opened and it’s been a few days.

Yes! Same for me! I’m unable to claim my level 100 hero portrait, its a shame as i got it for the first time, even without paying for battlepass:(

same here, still an issue

I am having the same issue with the season pass lvl 100 F2P Skin choice. I have restarted the client and have tried on both iOS and my PC clients with no luck.

Same issue here, gj Blizzard

I opened a ticked days ago but no answer so far.


I have the same issue on ipad version

Not working for me either - hopefully it gets resolved soon

Same issue for me, not working on PC

Same issue here (PC), I’ve tried over several days, different heroes and even reinstalled the client - no change.

Same here!! I’ve tried Druid, mage and paladin. No luck :confused:

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